• No that's just plan nasty. You would get splatter on your pant legs. We take for granted how lucky we are compared to the rest of the "un" civilized world.
  • I always wondered who anyone could use those toilets!!!
  • Using the squatting style toilet - that's an acceptable idea
  • It works good in the wild, behind a tree.
  • I prefer the western toilet; notice the missing magazine rack; if they dont use toilet paper what do they wipe with? cant be a magazine.
  • The first time I ever went to korea they still had outhouses and some toilets like those. Nowdays they've pretty much converted everything over to modern toiles..One thing I do like about the bathrooms in korea is that many times the whole bathroom is done in tile with a drain in the floor, so you can wash down the entire bathroom, but even this is becoming less common now. I guess China still uses these kinds of squat toilets? Being a westerner, using them is pretty uncomfortable, at least they were for privacy and not being used to squatting for long periods of time makes it awkward.
  • F**k no it would tend to crowd/pinch the intestines and not really emepy everything out At a place I once worked, it took us sometime to figure out who the f**k was putting foot prints on the toilet seats, it was the Asian temps. kind of rude if you ask me when the toilet is designed for sitting. If I were in Aisa I would do as the Asians do. There is nothing that could mess up ur day more than going to drop a deuce and finding footprints on the seat
  • It is common in parts of Europe as well. The squatting style toilet is cleaner, but I prefer to sit. :P +4
  • Don't like it much, but it's a sure way to avoid germs from other creeps

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