• I agree. That is pretty awful!
  • Wow, just when you thought Oklahoma couldn't suck anymore...
  • It doesnt ask for name, so why does it matter. Its probably just so they can figure out what group of people have the most abortions. Besides its their bodies their choice right? Why have any shame if its the right thing to do. And I dont see why its disgusting... its just a parasite they are getting rid of ...right? .... ........ ............... double standards.
  • Its very sad when we take the privacy between patient and doctor and put it on the net. I wonder why there are no questions about the father and the number of children he has.
  • Wow.....Oklahoma just became that much more lame.
  • Its just statistics. It doesn't look like there would be any information that would actually identify any of the mothers. What IS disgusting is the idea that some women might be promiscuous, serial abortionists who treat this process like a morning-after pill. So is the suggestion that women with limited education or from poorer counties are more likely to get themselves 'into a mess'. The sooner the statistics prove or deny those contentions, the sooner society can look after its own a little bit better.
  • The law is only making accurate information on a legitimate topic available to the electorate. There is no deliberate attempt to identify or ostracize individuals. Why would anyone wish to withold such general information from the public? Just maybe America has come to be a democracy? but then I thought thats were we started from?
  • Whats next... laws against homosexuals... wait there are some.
  • My stance on abortion is somewhat middle of the road, leaning toward pro-life, that has been since I have had kids of my own. But this is not right. For statistics is one thing, but why publish it on a public website? If the county, race, etc., is published you never know if someone could deduce by process of elimination who a person was. It is a private matter, and the woman should not have to worry about people judging her or feeling ashamed of what happened. Making that decision is hard enough, I have much compassion for what these women must go through to go through the whole process, no matter what my stance is on it. That is why you will never find me at a booth or outside of a clinic holding a sign. It doesn't matter my personal feelings. It's legal and everyone still has their right to privacy. Shame on them.
  • Wow. Even if the patient's name is not published, this is still their private medical information. What is the motivation behind this law. It will do nothing but add fuel to the fire of both verbal and physical attacks against women who are doing something (regardless of differing opinions) that they are legally entitled to do.
  • if all information is removed that could lead to people being identified, then i feel that it's not that problematic **IF** the information were to be used to guide prevention sex education (whoops, we in oklehomy don't have s-e-x til we're married!) or, in cases of diseases, the data accumulated would be used for research, treatment, etc. frankly, as is, this is just some stupid morons' ways of intimidating women who have abortions.
  • That's disgusting. How is that legal? That clearly violate patient-doctor confidentiality. I hope the people of Oklahoma fight that. It's bullshit. A woman's body and her medical records are not a matter for the whole public to know or to judge. What is wrong with these people?
  • Here some details (on the original site): "The Huffington Post reported that the law, which would go into effect Nov. 1, would require Oklahoma women who have abortions to disclose the following details: Date of abortion County where the abortion is performed Age of mother Marital status Race of mother Years of education State or foreign country of residence of mother Total number of previous pregnancies" "Supporters say that patients’ privacy rights are protected because their names and other personal information will not be reported. But critics, like the abortion-rights group Feminists For Choice, say these details “could easily be used to identify any member of a smaller community.” Rachel Maddow recently had a segment on the topic, where guest Megan Carpentier, editor for Air America, said the state’s “end goal is to keep women from having abortions.”" Source and further information:
  • More harassment.The anti-Choice crowd can't win a head-on battle, so they resort to this kind of stumbling block tactics. +4
  • What's the problem? I don't get it. The woman's name and personal data doesn't get published, just her demographic data. So how does this rate as disgusting? If name and address were posted... I'd be one of the first villagers to grab my pitchfork and torch. But the publishing of mind-numbing statistics on a website that only university students writing a thesis will ever visit, does not seem to me sufficient justification for a lynch mob. Hope this helps.
  • this is probably designed to scare women into not having an abortion. I agree it is disgusting.+5

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