• I don't know Munchkin, I always have too many things going round my head to even think about my life.
  • Thats my Favourite quote: Seize each day Be adventurous Love yourself Love everyone Accept everyone Find purpose in life Be realistic Listen to your heart and soul Forgive yourself and others Anticipate next day Accept death
  • To me a full life means using my health, strength, whole person to give to others, to use my intelligence in good ways while not infringing on anyone else.
  • Don't sleep. ;P For me it means reaching your full potential in life.
  • To me it means living each day as I choose to within the confines of my abilities/talents/desires and having no one tell me "no you can't do that"! Sovereignty is your own shots, do as you wish (as long as others are not affected adversely). It is a wonderful way to live one's life! :)
  • trying to do more stuff to enjoy life more

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