• My hobby of painting because I'm getting good at it.
  • 1. Stargazing. Though I have a not-too-powerful telescope, seeing these universal wonders leave me feeling humbled and at peace. 2. Collecting Kimmidolls. :) The thrill of being able to buy the ones about to retire gives this sense of triumph.
  • flower gardening... planting a seed and watching it sprout to a beautiful flower. wow +5
  • coaching basketball
  • Playing video games. If I get immersed in them enough, I don't have to think about stuff that makes me unhappy. Ad if that fails, time to get drunk lol.
  • My hobby is computers. I like to chat and be on Answerbag. I am happy because computers are a good way to relax. +5
  • Taking pictures of nature. It gets me out of my cave, and looking for lines, shapes, colors, and textures that would make a good picture, brings a whole new appreciation of my surroundings.
  • I've had many over the years. I used to enjoy hunting but lost interest about 10 years ago. I have done casual carpentry for 30 years, gradually getting better and continue to enjoy it. Flew a plane for 20 years and that was a lot of fun but lost interest when price got too steep. Just bought a motorcycle and right now, that's the most fun.
  • playing the piano... i can express myself in any way i want

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