• Icy are you okay? Your avatar ...your name is gone too. If you don't like the anger, even if it is justified, let it go. Anger only hurts yourself. It is not constructive. It just eats you up.
  • Even in situations where anger might be justified it is better to keep your cool and act in a level headed manner. Trouble with anger is that it makes us loose our balance. Retaining the balance of mind and acting as the situation demands to remove the cause of anger would be the ideal way to deal with the situation.
  • Anger has to be one of the hardest emotions for anyone to deal with. 9 times out of 10 it seems to be caused by the way someone else has acted towards or treated you. I try to always remember that "You cannot expect people to act the way you want them to", knowing this helps me in many a situation and helps me stay more centered.
  • I talk it out with my friends, they have a way of calming me down and reminding me, that just because there are some bad people out there, doesnt mean they all are, you just have to be pickier on who you let in your life.
  • People become angry when they don't get what they want. Even if someone is teasing you and you get angry - you get angry because you don't get the peace you want. ;) So how to deal with it constructively? Find ways to get what you wanted and you didn't get and try to get it ;) Example from above - while he/she teases you, you stop listening, look him in the eyes, go in your mind and start thinking ideas how to make him/her stop - some of your ideas may even cause you to smile or evil smile or even laugh (which combined with you looking in his/her eyes can make him/her stop teasing you or even run away) and you will have fun while anger disappears. I love to have fun in the face of anger ;D
  • If it is justified I would try to deal with it head on and find a way to solve it but it really depends on what is wrong. When I get angry, depending on the situation, there are sometimes when you can't really do much. All you can really do is vent.
  • When you know the anger is justified, you just have to work through it and everyone has their own way of doing that. Some want to talk talk talk and others want to simply never discuss it again.In the end you have to come to a place of understanding and then peace will follow.
  • anger doesnt have to be screaming and yelling, it can be subtle. if your anger is justified what are you woried about? perhaps being stuck being angry forever but, if you handle the situation with patience it will pass with much less stress.
  • I try to deal with whatever is causing the anger. To solve the problem if I have the means or authority to do it. If the source of the anger is outside my control, I try various calming techniques. If meditation doesn't work, I head for the firing range. About an hour blasting targets works like a charm for me. +4 Icy
  • Anger is usually what I feel when I don't wanna feel something else, such as: fear; humiliation; heartache; or insecurity. None of those emotions are as easy to feel as anger; after all, anger is somewhat empowering. The best way to handle anger is to allow yourself to feel the appropriate emotional response to a situation. If a friend slights you, it's appropriate to feel insecure about yer relationship, etc. In the meantime, exercise is a good vent to release angry energy. ALLOT of angry energy is also useful for doing things you wouldn't otherwise have the strength to do - for example, I quit smoking after a heartache experience this way. Lastly, have a laugh. It's good medicine. hugs +5
  • When you find out,will you let me know?I'll even bake you a cake :)
  • Try to see some of the positives if there are any in the thing that is angering you. I find focusing on the positives can help with the anger part of the issue. Deep breathing also helps...for me at least. ;)
  • just do something you would enjoy doing or let your hair down somewhere. +5

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