• I still haven't yet.
  • At 42, I have 2 failed marriages and started dating and got into relationships before the divorces were even final. Now, I'm definitely rethinking that approach. I see it was the wrong thing to do. Even though I was in denial of the "rebound", thats exactly what dating immediately was, a rebound. I am no longer in a relationship and any dating now will be approached as a friendly get together as my approach will be to negate the romance angle. I suggest anybody going through a divorce, to take many months to recover emotionally, refocus on your identity and find happiness alone.....then enter the dating world.
  • From the date of the serving of the divorce papers, just about 2 years.
  • Depends on which divorce we're talking about.
  • Oh, a couple of years after the marrage?
  • Immediately! I wasn't married.
  • I wouldn't start a new relationship right away. I am divorced and have been that way for about 4 years now. It was the most painful experiance I had ever been through. It took about a year or more to fully get over the fact that my ex husband cheated on me. The image is still burned in my brain. Divorce is almost like the spouse died. If children are involved it is even more difficult. Don't start a new relationship until the papers are signed and it is final.

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