• Qatar.
  • qat qaid qoph There are a lot more, I'm forgetting my Scrabble vocabulary. lol
  • Those are not really English words, rather transcriptions of foreign words. There are sometimes also alternative transcriptions: "qabab A dish consisting of pieces of seasoned meat. [OED] Much more commonly written kebab, kebob or kabob. Persian. qabalah A form of Jewish mysticism. [C][AHC][WI] More commonly written Kabbalah, and also written Qabala [AHC], Qabbala [WI], Cabalah etc. Hebrew קַבָּלָה. qadarite A member of the Qadariyah. [RHU] qadariyah In Islam, adherents of the doctrine of free will. [RHU] Also written Qadariya [RHU]. qaddish In Judaism, a prayer of mourning. [C] More commonly written Kaddish. qadi A Muslim judge. [L][C][W][OED][AOX] Also written qadhi [OED] or qazi [OED]. Arabic قاضى. qadiriyah In Islam, a Sufi order. [RHU] Also written Qadiriya [RHU]. qaf Twenty-first letter of the Arabic alphabet. [RHW] Arabic Ù‚. qaid A Muslim tribal chief. [RHW] qaimaqam A minor official of the Ottoman Empire. [C][OED] qalamdan A Persian writing-case. [C] qalandar A member of an order of mendicant dervishes. [RHU] Also written calender, or capitalised. qanat A type of water supply tunnel found in north Africa and the Middle East. [ODE][C][OED][AOX] Persian, from Arabic qanāt, "channel". qanun A type of harp. [OED] Also written qanon [OED]. qasida An Arabian poem of praise or satire. [C][OED][AOX] Also written qasidah Arabic قصيدة. qat A kind of Arabian shrub used as a narcotic. [L][C][OED] More commonly written khat. Arabic qāt. qawwal A person who practises qawwali music. [ODE][C][AOX] qawwali Devotional music of the Sufis. [ODE][C][AOX] Arabic قوٌالی (qawwāli), "loquacious" or "singer". qazi Variant of qadi. qepiq An Azerbaijani unit of currency. [AH] qere A marginal reading in the Hebrew Bible. [OED][WI] Also written qeri [WI] or qre [WI]. qhat An obsolete spelling of what. [OED] qheche An obsolete spelling of which. [OED] qhom An obsolete spelling of whom. [OED] qhythsontyd An obsolete spelling of Whitsuntide (the day of Pentecost). [OED] qi In Chinese culture, a physical life force. [ODE][C][AHC][OED] Commonly written chi or ki. Chinese æ°£, 'air' qiana A type of nylon. [OED] Originally a trademark of DuPont, now generic. qibla The point to which Muslims turn in prayer. [ODE][COD][C][OED][AOX] Also written qiblah [OED], or qib'lah [RHU]. Sometimes capitalised. 17th Century Arabic, "the opposite". qibli A local Libyan name for the sirocco, a southeasterly Mediterranean wind. [OED] Also written ghibli. qigong A Chinese system of medical exercises. [ODE][C][AOX] Also written qi gong, ki gong, or chi kung. Chinese 气功 (simp.). qin A classification of Chinese musical instruments. [AOX] qintar A monetary unit of Albania. [AOX] qinah A Hebrew elegy. [WI] Also written kinah; plural qinot, qinoth qindar An Albanian unit of currency, equal to one one-hundredth of a lek. [ODE][L][C] Plural qindarka [L] or qindars [C]. Also written qintar [L][C][AOX] or quintal. Albanian. qinghaosu A drug, artemisinin, used to treat malaria. [C] Chinese 青蒿素. qipao A traditional Chinese dress. [OED] Also written chi pao. Chinese qirsh A monetary unit of Saudi Arabia and, formerly, various other countries. [RHU] Also written qurush, qursh, gursh, girsh or ghirsh. qiviut The wool of the musk-ox. [OED] Inuktitut qiyas An analogy in Sharia, Islamic law. [RHW] Arabic قياس. qoph The nineteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. [L][C] Also written koph. Hebrew ק. qoppa The nineteenth letter of the ancient Greek alphabet. Generally written koppa. Greek Ïž. qorma A type of curry. [Co] Much more commonly written korma. Urdu. qre (Variant of qere) qwerty A standard English keyboard layout. [ODE][COD][LC][C][AOX][OED] Plural qwertys or qwerties. Also rendered QWERTY. Named after the letters on the top row of keys." See also this question:
  • Qabatah, Qaddafi, qarat, qawai, qawwali, qi, qibla, quintar, qwerty

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