• My enormous uncle would come for holiday dinners, eat several platefuls of dinner, one of each dessert, and then take out his saccharine tablets for the coffee.
  • It's hilarious. The diet soda makes the 2000 calorie lard feast ok.
  • Yes and its always a "Diet Coke" We had a man at work he was huge. He used to carry in two bags of Groceries every morning. He always had a two liter bottle of Diet Coke.
  • Some people just prefer the taste of diet drinks
  • I'm sorry but that made me giggle because i've seen it myself and thought the same thing.
  • Yep. I worked in McDonalds for a while when I was younger. This happened every day. Morbidly obese folks would walk in, order the largest burger, the largest fries, apple pie, ice cream, and an extra-large DIET coke. Ridiculous. Like the diet coke will make up for the 5 tonnes of food you shove in your face every 5 seconds!
  • 1987 called and they'd like their joke back
  • I'll go with diabetic,without a clue about nutrition?A regular soda has something like 9 tsp of sugar which will blast your blood sugar to the moon.Whereas a big greasy burger will take longet to do that.
  • So the are ordering a double dose of artery clogging fat not including the fries, along with a nice helping of aspartame in their diet drink. Perhaps they don't care...
  • Yes you are right.I've seen it. Perhaps they need 'extra rations' to help carry all that lard about town.
  • Not always, some of them don't like onion rings.
  • What is even more amusing is to go to an all you can eat buffet restaraunt and notice all the fat people! I mean no harm by this, I am fat myself, but when I see what I could end up looking like, it gives me more incentive to stop going to places like that and to eat more sensibly.
  • I've noticed fat people not order anything as well. Why are you so judgmental about fat people. Are you so perfect in your body? I hope so because you sure have zero else to offer so far. Keep looking in the mirror because your mind sure ain't so beautiful.
  • ive also seen skinny people doing the same thing...
  • I have also noticed. But now I think they choose diet soda because the medical community has been saying that sugar sweetened drinks are like a container of tooth decay.
  • I do the same thing, but i only order the diet coke to be ironic.. :)
  • Can't say that I noticed, I am more concerned with eating my two double burgers, fries, onion rings and diet soda. I'm not fat, and I have seen some thin women eat damn near as much as I do. I don't think size really has much to do with it.
  • Oh Yes,i love to eat,i was blessed by being tall. so the fat don't show as bad on me. Fat,Dumb and Happy is my motto. the reason most fat people order a diet drink is because they are overweight and have a sugar problem. i am also lucky in that department i don't have a sugar problem.But would you like to be told how and what to eat? of course not,so just watch us fat people eat and learn what not to do.Bless your heart for worring about us fat folks,i hope you have a nice day,cause i am fixen to go get me something to eat,you made me hungry,Bye,Bye.
  • penance???
  • I've never seen that, but I have seen some rather strange things like one lady wanted tea and their "Daily Diet" lunch psecial and then she DUMPED enough sugar into the tea to send half the place into diabetic coma.
  • Thats because of the carbs they dont know or look at...They dont know carbs are the ones that them gain weight... Its a long and hard process to get through, but if your over weight...quit eating carbs!!!
  • Doesn't surprise me. Their stomach stretched a great deal and they feel no limit of eating.
  • First off I detest fat jokes. And I'm rather defensive about the feelings of large people in general. That said, I had to LOL at this one. For me it used to be a Snickers bar and a Diet Coke almost every day for lunch.

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