• That the health care reform bill has death panals and has people go up to old people and ask them how they want to die (which it doesn't). That is just plain stupid.
  • That the special needs class was plotting to take over Iowa.
  • That blue printing on the back of highway signs are secret markers for UN military occupiers who are going to take over the USA. Since the UN doesn't seem able to get out of its own way I don't understand how anyone could think they are capable of invading the USA. Also, that would sort of shut off their funding as well.
  • That the ANNANUKI IS TAKING OVER!!!!! Were all living amongst lizard people!!! SHAPE SHIFTERS!!! FROM PLANET X!!!! AHHHHHH..... And the Antichrist...or gonna take over the world, the people.....EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • That bar-codes are the sign of the beast ...and Lady Gaga is a man.
  • My all time favorite is the Republicans saying Gore made up global warming to get attention.
  • Some whack job lady called The Al Sharpton radio show (a clue right off the bat) that since Sarah Palin resigned from office about the same time as Michael Jackson's death, she may be somehow responsible for his murder. Instead of disputing that theory, he said that he never heard that theory, but will look into it. That, and with all these record low temperatures these past two summers, and a predicted longer and colder winter season than normal, that global warming is something blah blah blah pay more taxes blah blah blan energy bill which is nothing more thenmore ways to control your lives blah blah blah Zzzzzzzz......
  • 9/11 (It was Bushes fault! And he knew!) 2012 That's it for everyone!! Other then those I haven't much care. :)

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