• Beta tape. Laserdisc.
  • AT&T's Picturephone and Videophone.
  • It could be the computer. It was thought to reduce stress and work for people. We have increased our work load and are now stressing more.
  • The computer. It created more problems for everyone from ppl able to steal our identity to more perverts looking at baby porn.
  • windows me or the motorola razor
  • Mini-disk kind-of flopped for personal use although they are still used for certain things, normally in more professional and theater etc I think. Also another major flop was the electric car, although more than a flop that was an assassination by various organisations, hopefully though it would appear the electric car is on the way to a successful return in the race for greener transport.
  • Sega Dreamcast
  • The Rainbow vacuum cleaner. It ran with water instead of a bag and it was the most cumbersome piece of shit to take apart, clean and put together. And it was not cheap either. Total crappola.
  • I remember before mobile phones became popular everyone brought a pager. It was a fad at our school for about 3 months in the mid nineties, then they just seemed to disapear over night. Oh and the sega saturn.....think that only had about 5 games or something didn't it.... lol ;D
  • A tie between Beta video format and IBM OS/2 operating system!
  • Back when Apple and Windows were just getting started, and computers were the size of a room. A couple of university students took parts from IBM and other brands of computers, and managed to build their own computer that was a whole lot smaller than a room and much more manageable. They went too IBM and Microsoft else and with it, saying that they'd advanced technology. IBM and Microsoft didn't want to know about it. The students left and later founded Apple... +5
  • The zune.
  • The laughable Sinclair C5, without a shadow of a doubt :
  • The broad use of Asbestos. +5
  • the rechargeable battery. who uses them?
  • Th Iomega Zip/Jazz Drive. Those things sucked. They sold millions of them and every once in awhile they would just randomly corrupt all of your data. These things sold for like 3 years before a class action law suite was filed.
  • The GameBoy micro. Seriously did anybody buy one of those?
  • The Snark intercontinental missile:
  • Laser Disc, and the razor phone. +5
  • recyclable plastic designer water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, orange juice bottles...the plastic is useless. only twenty percent gets recycled. the rest goes to the landfill.
  • The US Patent Office has more than 7.5 million inventions on its records. Probably more than half of them have never been used. So there is a wide choice right there. People were talking about mag-lev trains, plastic or fibreglass bodied cars, videophones and nuclear fusion power stations back in the early 1960s as the waves of the future. Where are they? About the only one that made it was the Chev Corvette in fibreglass. What other cars? Only Lotus and a few very low production models. Biggest flop - fibreglass bodied cars.

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