• I never have, but my teen daughter and some of her friends walked out in the middle of Broke Back Mountain. I've never seen it...
  • The movie was Batman II but I fell asleep in like 15 minutes instead of leaving, but I did sleep through the whole thing.
  • No, but I wanted to several times. I was always with a date or a group of people. +5
  • Quite a few. I don't go to theaters any more unless s/o is super excited. Thousand clowns. Swept away. +5
  • Yes. Years ago my husband and I went to see a movie called "Hurricane." We thought it would be about a natural disaster. NOT!! The first two minutes were nothing but cursing. We left. Don't need to pay to listen to trash. We hear enough of that in everyday living. We should have asked for our money back but we just wanted to get out of there.
  • Yes, years ago it waas "Children of the Corn" I had no idea it was going to be so gross, when a hand went in a meat grinder that was enough for me. I thought it was going to be more of a scary movie not a gross one.
  • Any Given Sunday -- I went into another movie!!
  • Yes, I have walked out of a lot, including Napolean Dynamite, School of Rock, Bruno, Taken, Get Smart, The Love Guru, Halloween 3, The Hitcher, Click, Holes, and Finding Nemo (I had already seen it 3 times).
  • My friend and I walked out of "Sleepless in Seattle" when it was in the movie theatres. It was just soooo bad.
  • My taste in movies is usually better than that. Besides, who in their right mind walks out in the middle of a movie after overpaying for a ticket? Sounds like someone too full of themselves.
  • Never have. I'm very choosey about what movie I'm going to spend money on, to go and see it, rather than wait for the DVD to come out for half the price.
  • I've slept through many films, almost from start to finish. My wife and I walked out of one several years ago. I don't recall the name. I do recall that we considered our was money better spent in the restaurant opposite the cinema.
  • Yes I have, it was about 10 minutes into the most grotesque scene of a film I have since forgotton the name of.
  • yep, the newest "transporter" and again durring the newest "crank" they both made so little sense i simply could not take it anymore.
  • Yes, Wolf Creek and it was really lame.
  • Gone Fishing. I could think of two things wrong with the title. I read more, and many a books I set down after 85 pages. Julie and Julia was the latest title I chose not to finish.
  • Ben Stein's "Expelled". What a steaming pant-load that movie was.
  • I almost walked out of a movie last night! I went to see "The Informant" and was sooooooo bored out of my mind but I was too embarrased to make a bunch of people move out of my way so I could get out of the isle. So I stayed and watched it till the bitter, boring end. lol
  • I never pay to watch a movie that I know nothing about. So at least I don't go to "The Hurricane" (1999) expecting to see a natural disaster flic, instead of a semi-bio about a fighter spending time in prison for a crime he didn't commit. I did however get free tickets for "Hercules in New York" (1970) and walked out a third of the way through. It wasn't even worth the money I didn't pay for it. Hope this helps.
  • Madea goes to Jail. I expected to laugh at what I thought was a comedy, instead it's some drama B/S with very little worth laughing about =[
  • Yes: Moulin Rouge.
  • Yes it happened last year. I don't remember the title because I didn't choose the movie (and because it sucked and don't deserve a place in my mind). The strange thing was that I was the first to walk out but some people immediately followed me too (including the person who choosed the movie) so it wasn't only me that didn't like the movie.

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