• If so he's not jacking very funny jokes...
  • Not at all. Carlos Mencia is origional. I mean, some of the stuff that he jokes about has been joked about before, but I think his jokes are origional, on the point and absolutely true. Carlos Mencia is one of my fave comedians, I love Mind of Mencia!!
  • I think Carlos is a pisser. I love his show, and no I don't think he is a thief.
  • Absolutely. I saw the video on youtube where Joe Rogan got up on stage and confronted him so I started looking around the net for the scoop. It seems his whole repertoire is stolen from others. Some similarities in jokes could be expected but he seems to have absolutely nothing original.
  • Regardless of whether or not he's a joke theif, he's a freakin idiot. I hate him. He's not funny. He thinks he's great because he's "controversial" but he's totally tired that idea out. He wasn't even very offensive in the first place. He's just irritating.
  • I'd have to say that it's pretty likely that he's ripped off at few bits. Personally, I think that it's possible that some comedians may come up with a similar bit by sheer chance. However, after seeing Mencia's "No Strings Attached" he lost me entirely. He performed a bit about a father teaching a son about football... Very nearly identical to the bit that Cosby performed in the early eighties in "Himself".
  • First Denis Leary Steals Bill Hick's Entire Act ... Now This DIck...
  • I used to think his material was all original but after seeing how Joe Rogan called him out and other material, I do agree that he has stolen material from other performers. However I still like the way he does things. He must have some original material out there somewhere. Ned Holness is still a good performer though. Here's a clear case of plagiarism.
  • Im not much of a Mencia-hater but i do agree that he stole that "Father teaches kid how to play football" joke from Cosby...but he actually done it better than Cosby himself. Carlos may not be that original as a comedian but he's great performer.

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