• I like Americans, but I don't like some of the things their government has done, particularly over the last few years.
  • For the most part yes. The seditionist crybabies fill me with disgust.
  • I love Americans! It's people, that I can't stand. +5
  • I cant bloody stand them! LAMO I like Americans I have alot of American friends :)
  • Yes, some of them are cool, just like me!
  • I dont like people much... Where they come from is usually of no consequence.
  • Well, I have a lot of American friends and acquaintances (there were loads of Americans at my universities). I have never disliked any of them. Actually, I have liked all of them - my best friend is American and of course I love her. I don't like to come out and say I like Americans though, because I am a pretty cosmopolitan minded person and I don't like to group people by nationality alone. That also means that I don't like to say I dislike Americans. People are people, and they are more than where they come from. So just as I have really liked all the Americans I have met personally, I am sure there are a whole bunch I would dislike too. Just like there are British people.
  • I like a few, dislike a few. I'm American. After 8 years of W's reign, I'd be surprise if very many people out there like us all that much.
  • Generally, I do. It's kind of hard not to, being an American myself and having pretty much only dealt with other Americans my whole life. I am not blind to the numerous faults that often come with being American however, one of which is being blind to the numerous faults that often come with being American.
  • Only the ones the really big boobs.
  • Yes, getting to 'know' them right here on AB and I like what I see! +++
  • i like the american they re nice ,crazy and realy cool people,well ..not all but most of them are,but their governement? no +3
  • No, they are fat. And they smell like cheeseburgers. Especially when threatening to invade Iran.
  • it s like any other place in the world there are good people and bad people, i like the good people all over the world
  • Like any nationality, you have great people and others not so great. In general I like Americans, and get on with them very well. But I don't like the irrationality and the hatred expressed by some Americans.
  • I like Americans and others too.
  • Well, I dont hold it against them!
  • i'm an american. like any nationality, there are good and there are bad. i think that it's constitution and bill of rights and 14th amendment set such high ideals that we and the rest of the world are appalled when we don't measure up. just keep trying. learn from the past. do better. swear off the mistakes of the past. i'd like to think that that is ultimately what the american government is like.
  • Yes, I do. I like their political maturity.
  • i love americans, thats why i love myself.
  • God Bless us all in America we are truly unlike any other nations people, united when we have to be and at each others throats when it comes to politics and religion.......Yep its great in American and I love ya'll!

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