• We were not allowed to swear.
  • My mother (Gawd rest her soul) insisted that I always address her in English. She took offense to my remarks in Swahili. +5
  • english first!!! i used russian and some farci. we, ids, knew not to curse. a few times in my childhood i let a curse word slip and our parents always overlooked that transgression.
  • If you used a cuss word, you got your face slapped AND a spanking! Now I cuss every DAMNED day!
  • We couldn't cuss or even call each other "stupid"!!
  • They could curse, but we couldnt.
  • Keep it clean!
  • No Spanish!
  • They could say whatever they'd like. My brother and I weren't allowed to cuss but we wouldn't get severely punished, they'd just condemn it.
  • My mom was rather strict, no cursing period. My dad was rather lax. As long as it wasn't excessive, he didn't much care.
  • There were no rules laid out, but I still always spoke clearly and respectfully. When I grew up a bit, my mother and I began cussing together.
  • Generally speaking, we had to speak English because Mom wanted to be able to understand us. If we didn't know what a word meant, we had to look it up because she thought we would learn it better that way (she was right - we learned a lot more that way, because then we would also have to look up the words in the definition). We could not cuss, and we could not say, "shut up".
  • No cursing my Mom didn't but dad did. She actually washed my mouth with soap one time. It didn't work. I am a mule.
  • My parents hate when anybody curses except for "sh*t", my mom loves using that word, but she considers hell and damn profane. My dad hates when I use "bitch", he says the "F" word whenever he is angry though.
  • No cursing, be polite or you were shown the hand as a warning! it was enough!
  • None whatsoever including all bodily functions and words like stupid, etc. I ended up in an area/type of office where that was the way people talked. No "bad" words. Medical terms only.
  • Not tolerated AT ALL! Curse words or other hurtful words, such as name calling. +5
  • I wasn't allowed to curse as a child for fear of punishment =P But I was emancipated at 15 and after that it's been cussing with and at each other.
  • Unspoken rule, no swearing.
  • My mother is very religious. Growing up, we were not allowed to use profanity and expected to be respectful to adults at all times. When you are a teenager that can be frustrating, but I absolutely respected my mother for instilling that in me and hope I am half the parent she is.
  • No swear words, or even substitute swear words, like gosh or darn, no name-calling of any kind, no disrespectful language what-so-ever even to each other or other children. These rules came down from several generations back, and are the same rules in my house as well.
  • The F-word was never, never used. My dad never used bad language - he had various euphemisms he used when he was mad. My mother cussed when she was really mad - goddamnit, shit. But that's about all. When my kids were little, we never used "shut up." I just thought it came too easily to too many people, and it sounded so low-class. The kids are grown now, and they don't say it. I'm glad.
  • No cursing, and also no words that are replacements for curse words: frickin', fudge, umm...I can't think of any more. No slang for bodily functions, or body parts, no derrogatory terms, including "cop." My mom considered that disrespectful to police officers. Insults like "retard" "idiot" and "moron" were forbidden as well as name-calling in general. My mom also tried to discourage us from using "like" when not applicable. "He was all like, 'she's so cute' and I'm all like 'no way!'" Any one caught Valley-girl talking had to do chores for my mom. Omigod, totally!!

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