• Not since I quit the illegal substances.
  • Fat on my body. I'm convinced it's there, but whenever I bring it up I'm yelled at about how I'm making other people feel fat because if I'm fat then "what are the rest of us". I still contend it's just others trying to make me feel better though...
  • yes. i see floaty type of objects that i think just has to do with my eyes and their cones and rods and whatnot. that's about it.
  • yes actually I've had sleep paralysis in the past. One time I remember being paralyised and watching a axe murderer slowly approach my bed with his big huge axe. And wondering why my roommate was just sitting there and doing nothing. Another time I woke up and I saw my roommate sleeping in his bed. The only thing was is that he was in Iraq at the time so I thought it was kind of weird. I actually tried to talk to him but he didn't respond so I thought he was asleep and I would ask him in the morning. I woke up in the morning half surprised to see that my "roommate" was a bunch of stuff that I had left on his bed earlier in the day.
  • My pet's astral projection. lol I sometimes see my dog or cat in the corner of my eye, but they may not even be in the room.
  • I sometimes see something or someone pass by me out of the corner of my eye, but when I turn completely around to see what it was there is nothing there. Hmmmmm!
  • I sometimes see shadows of people at the corner of my eye in an instant,and they are gone.I am the only one i the room.
  • When Iam laying in bed at night and I cant fall asleep I just stare at the ceiling or the wall and I see spiders and ants climbing up the walls and then I really cant sleep cause when I close my eyes they're still there. Sometimes when I used to walk around at night with friends I would think someone was following me and watching me, I actually stood in the middle of the road one night telling my cousin someone just peeked out from behind a trash can and he was still back there watching us, she walked around the trash can and said no one was there but I still believe there was. Also a few weeks ago I rode to the store on my bike with my brother and on the way home I looked behind myself and thought I seen someone chasing after me, I started to ride my bike real fast and got freaked out. My brother was like "whats wrong?" and I told him I thought I saw someone chasing me and he said he didnt see anyone, when I looked back all I saw was a stop sign. I always feel like there are people out to get me and like there always wathching me. I have a bad phobia of windows I always think someone's going to come in my window and kill me and my family and I actually had dreams about it, some nights it takes me hours just to fall asleep cause I think about it so much and I make myself believe its going to happen.
  • i tend to see people. like for instance when i am driving with my mom i will see a person on the side of the street and i will ask my mom who that is or if she seen them and half the time she thinks i am crazy. i also see people in my mirrors behind me or in my windows. and they respond to me, like answer a thought i have and its scary because they always look like they came from horror films. and i have friends who have this problem as well. and i dont know if i am crazy or if its another sense i have tapped into through meditation.
  • right naw im siting and looking in my mirror,i see my dead brother behind me,he looks so real,and hes talking to me.asking me if i killed him,he died in a car wreck and i was in the back seat,tire blew and he hit a tree.that was 5 years ago thow.i no hes dead i sean his head laying next to me in the back seat and his body in the driver y is he still hear,clear as day,smilling at me, laughing, saying im crazy for seeing ghost,every time i turn around hes not ther but i look in the mirror and ther he is, smilling,face bllooded,im so fucking me, please.hes going to kill me, he thinks i killed him,help me!

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