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  • Actually, the smell of my own feet does nothing for me, which is strange, because I fag for skaters and love the smell and taste of their stinky feet. I always take their shoes and socks off, and lick their feet clean before I blow them. The smellier, the better. I'm bi, but when I'm with my gf, she has to have clean feet. I'm very turned off when a girl has stinky feet.
  • My feet sweat a lot so I grew used to the sweaty smell of sweatsocks/Converse (my main footwear). It doesn't bother me at all and isn't bad. I do have a minor foot fetish so other people's feet/socks/sneakers if they are sweaty/stinky doesn't bother me either and can actually be an attraction if it's the "right" person.

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