• If I am naked, probably.
    • Ice man
      So, evidently you you have a water and clothing issue, just exactly where do you keep your teeth at night ?? In a glass, beside your bed ? Like the rest of you "old" farts ? Hahahahahha ! (Yeah I just got home from the bar)(can you tell ?)
  • It was a requirement aboard ship to conserve fresh water when I was in the Navy back in the 1950's. I have continued that habit ever since.
    • Ice man
      That's nice to hear, because I served in the early 70's and it was the same then. I too have continued the habit.
  • Yes! I fill a cup with water and then proceed to brush my teeth, which is the way my parents taught me (this method conserves water)
  • I didn't know anyone left the water running the entire time until I was in my late 20's. Why do people do that?
  • yes ...
  • I turn on the water (of course). Rinse my toothbrush. Turn off the water. Apply toothpaste and brush my teeth. Turn on the water. Rinse the toothbrush. Rinse out my mouth with water. Turn off the water.
  • Yes, I do.

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