• i started out with hearts because i love them. .then i went with sexy red lips with an icy heart between my teeth.. my avatar name is icysilver. a friend suggested my lips since i am flirty and sexy.. i have not looked back. +5
  • I picked mine because I thought how it was so funny that an iconic children's character is doing something that so many parents frown upon. That, and weed just really rocks.
  • It is the Leo sign. Lions are strong noble creatures that make great leaders. Worked for Israel. :)
  • I picked mine because she made me laugh when I saw her. I think that is fairly significant. I don't currently use it for anything else but I'm considering having her tattooed on my
  • This was my fantasy football avatar few years back when I was doing quite well, or "on fire". It was one of the first I saw when looking for one for AB so I said why not.
  • I thought she was beautiful!!! I'd like to think that she is a representative of my personality, she looks very cool, calm with a hint of mystery. I use her on here, I haven't got anywhere else special for her to be.
  • I picked mine because it was a wonderfully happy day for me and I was making a baby laugh making goofy faces and wearing shades. Short story long, it's a me avatar,so I found it fitting.
  • My avatar are two recent pictures of my granddaughters who were never suppose to be and are the lights of my life!
  • I was tired of my other one. :)
  • Mine speaks for itself.
  • mine is supposed to be bright and clean and complex and vibrant--medieval vines growing all over the place, updated.
  • Just an avatar of me. I guess I chose it because it looks like I'm relaxed, content and receiving my answers from "Up There". I hope I will be that one day. I use it for my Windows Messenger, as well.
  • I picked this picture of Lord Sebastian Flyte from Brideshead Revisited (Played by Ben Whishaw) because it represents a time and place long gone that I wished I was part of.
  • I picked the picture based on my aspirations. I hope to become a wise man someday! Till then I will use the picture of a wise man.
  • A picture i uploaded from the sample pics on the computer. It reminds of somehwere I would like to be.
  • My avatar me.... just tryin' to be me. How about you? What's the significance of your avatar? +++
  • As an experiment, based on a AB question ... Do you think a member's avatar affects the way you view or respond to them? Plus ... ALF is my kinda guy!!
  • my avatar is ME. this one is about 3 years old
  • Opus was always my favorite character. He's my avatar for any site I'm on. I can identify with that disconsolate look.
  • I have loved Unicorns since I was 16 I have a son I saw the Mom/baby Unicorn avatar and I knew that was meant for me. My avatar is unique to this site...I have unicorns all over my house and if I could find something like my avatar somewhere I would buy it and display it.
  • My current avatar can be seen at the very beginning of this video. Honestly, when you see it, you'll understand why I just had to have it.
  • I'm still trying to figure out how to put in on (I'm something of a klutz at computer things). I want to put a gold oak leaf (O-4 insignia) on it. Saw some guy had a Navy E-6 insignia as his avatar. Actually retired as an LTC (O-5), but I like the Bowie song...
  • I am a HUGE Zelda fan so I use a picture of Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess...I want that game SO much!

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