• No. Easy example: Buddhism
  • "In the absence of that which is not, that which IS...IS not." -"Conversations With God", Neale Donald Walsch
  • There must be. In all cultures there is the eternal struggle of good and evil.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It's not actually a struggle of good and evil, it's more like authority threatening to abuse people, to show that busing people is wrong. In Christianity it's like that. Christianity is very little better than Islam. And Judaism I cant even fathom what they think they have to go by at all! But Buddhism has no concept of bad and good. And in Hinduism, where we are said to live in recurring lifetimes, getting better and better until we ultimately become god, it means there's NO better or lesser, there is only older or younger souls. Very egalitarian. That you automatically expect a "good versus evil" struggle (substitute the word "cops versus robbers" or "republicans versus Hillary"'s just that and no more...the hideous society we allow to fester, and the hideously wrong christian ideas we let children get lifelong damaged by....there is no good versus evil...there's just assholes trying to use myths as excuses for abusing others and taking their stuff. RELIGIONS SUCK. But if you insist on brainwashing reality away with the ideas of one, you could at least pick a nice peaceful egalitarian one, like Buddhism or Hinduism. Just sayin. NONE are real anyway, so why pick a rotten one? What, because it's geographically closest???? That should tell you right there it's all crap.
  • i dont think so. judaism doesnt have an 'anti-god' or a hell or anything
  • No. While there is always the idea of the opposite of good, we do not necessarily have a make an anti-"god" (as in , an 'all powerful being') to embody this idea. People seem to often use politicians to iconify anti-godliness.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      and what, republicans AREN'T evil?

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