• It is respectful. Thank you.
  • Sounds about right to me. If you look up her skirt and she catches you eying her wazoo, she might smack you.
  • That's usually what I do or I'll just concentrate on the back of her head. Unless it's my girlfriend, then I stare like hell and make her aware of it. Usually by saying something like "I'm totally starring at your ass right now."
  • If no one can see you, why is it wrong to have a peek ? Most hetro males, I suspect, would. But also bet most women would think it 'pervy'. Hmmmmmm
  • It may be normal, but it sure ain't fun. I lower my head to my shoulder, and make it obvious I'm staring. If she says anything I generally tell them, you don't want it seen don't put it on display.
  • it is respectful. sometimes you could maybe look at your phone or just look to the side as you walk. but yes this is respectful, and whether we say it or not, you are the type of guy we appreciate. =]
  • Nooo! The polite thing to do is to show appreciation by looking at items on display. You may want to complement your appreciative glance with a broad smile and a genteel nod of the head. ;-D
  • Just make sure the steps aren't polished to a mirror finish.
  • Well, the POLITE thing to do is what you say you do. The NORMAL thing that most guys do depends on who is around. If NO one is, they'll stare at the butt moving ahead of them. If their spouse, girlfriend, or anyone else, is, they will glance, memorize, and look away, maybe referring back to it now and then, to help ... flesh out ... the photograph in their mind. Of course, if ANYONE catches them, they'll say they are watching HER WAIST, and doing so to make sure she doesn't slip on the steps, especially if she's wearing heels. ;-)
  • As a girl, I think thats what you(and every other male) should do. Afterall, everyone loves a gentleman! Its good not to be a perv, it will pay off in the long run!
  • If I can sneak a peek I will,she wore them,I see it as an opportunity for a quick harm,no foul.
  • Great question! Since I wear Bi-focals...I tend to watch the steps so that I do not fall down (or would it be up?) and break my little neck in the process.... Your suggestion is the polite thing to do... Would I be tempted...s i g h.....probably.

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