• Only if the old manager is going to say something positive about you. Otherwise, it's a dozy and you'd be shooting yourself on the foot
  • I have never been fired. I am sure I will be terminated some day. Employers like people that "kiss feet." Usually, I won't! I would never tell a prospective employer that I was fired. I would say I am "still employed, and looking for a change." Tell the interviewer, that if the old job finds out you are looking for a new job, they will fire you. Tell them that you do not want them to contact your old boss. I do not worry about lying because the job market is so tight. A new job is a matter of life and death these days. I chalk it up to doing a little "acting" in an interview. Good luck in your job search. +5
  • Of course not!...and don't use your old manager as a reference if you want to get the next job. +5
  • No and no. State that you quit because you thought you had another job lined up with __________. Don't know the laws in your state, but in my state you can be terminated if they find out you falsified your application. If that happens . . . you had nothing before, so you've lost nothing. But if you work hard there, be on time and be dependable, you will probably be ok. Just don't screw up. You'll be fine. What's the worst thing that can happen . . . they'll let you go . . . and you've got nothing now.
  • I wouldnt

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