• everything has?
  • To annoy us... Lol
  • To make more fruit flies?
  • Great advances in genetics have been made by studying fruit flies.
  • Whatever other critter(s) eat them! Happy Friday! :)
  • There's one in every bunch..... :D Lol
  • To teach us tolerance.
  • There is a place for everyone on the food chain.
  • To make you crazy :P
  • to make your pick the fruit before the fruit flies get to them? gnats are the ones i can't figure out!i guess they feed something ,just like mosquitos feed spiders,frogs,etc...:)
  • Like Buzzards, Catfish, Snails, maggots, they are scavangers and play a most important role in our ecology. They clean up the environment.
  • Our health of course, while your trying to swat those little beasts your training your arm muscles ;)
  • They may not serve a purpose, perhaps they just filled a niche.
  • there are things that don't have a purpose in life. where would we fit in. it seems all we do is kill each other and suck up all the oil. fruit flies are probably thinking the same thing about us.
  • Seen on the door of a geneticist: Time flies like an arrow: fruit flies like a banana.
  • Who said everything has a purpose in life, and how do they know?
  • Genetic research! Sheesh! EVERYBODY knows that! :):):)
  • To be the lowest on life's food chain AND to piss us off.
  • Well I dont know. Im wondering what the purpose is in cockroaches. Who eats them? I have watched both cats and dogs spit them out where as they might eat another creepy crawly thingee. lol
  • Ice man wants to know: 1. What is the purpose of a fruit fly? Answer: not everything must have a purpose. Unless of course, you choose to believe that everything MUST have a purpose. Hey, believe what you will. Fruit flies, by helping to dispose of rotten fruit, can be construed to serve some purpose in this world. They also serve as food for their predators. 2. What eats fruit flies? Must everything have something above them on the food chain? For example, what eats humans? What eats the great white shark? Even in the absence of a predator above an animal on the food chain, there are predators below them! Microbes can be viewed as predators of humanity. The bacterium that tries to make a meal of you is a predator. This applies to fruit flies too. In addition, there are predators of fruit flies that are higher on the food chain, as long as those flies are in their natural environment. So a fly in the tropical woods may be prayed on by other insects, perhaps a mantis, or a spider, a frog, a lizard, or a small bird that eats insects. A fruit fly that gets blown by the wind into a pond may be eaten by a fish before it escapes. There are even carnivorous plants to be found! Take that fruit fly outside of that environment where the fly has those many natural predators; put the fly on your kitchen counter, and mainly the microbial predators remain, plus a spider that lives in a corner of your kitchen, and finally you - that human who just wants to squash the fly.
  • It is similar to a question that is hotly debated in the fruit fly community: What possible purpose could there be for human beings?
  • to annoy me =) lolz happy sunday
  • Without fruit flies you may never find that piece of fruit the neighbors kid dropped behind your couch until you can no longer even identify what it is or remember they visited?
    • Ice man
      Actually I'd argue that point. Whatever was abandoned would smell as it rots, that's natures way of bringing our attention to misplaced garbage. Fruit flies are an annoyance that show up as soon as I even think about buying bananas. Every summer I set up a trap for the little bastards. I put a little apple cider vinegar in a cup, stretch plastic wrap over the top with an elastic band and poke a few toothpick holes. After that its fun to watch them go in and drown on Friday nights, cold beer is optional for this type of sport. (for me that is, not the flies) : )
    • Linda Joy
      Well at least you get some entertainment value out of them anyway.

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