• it's much, much faster, because no matter how fast light travels, the darkness is already there, waiting for it.
  • hmmm you are thinking deeply today huh? ;D
  • If it is the speed of dark chocolate leaving my fridge. pretty damn fast. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is
  • its the same speed, space that exists previously enduring a moving beam of light gets filled with darkness the same rate that it takes for the light to leave it.
  • There is no such thing as 'Dark' There is just lack of light..... It must be the same speed, because darkness can only occur once light is gone. once the light source stopped, the light would escape (At the speed of light - So instantly really) and be replaced equally quickly by Darkness... So.. darkness must travel at the speed of light? Right?
  • Just like stupid, dark is infinite.
  • Two answers come in mind. 1. Scientific answer: Science have not yet found it, even in deep space, there is still starlight of distant galaxies. So they have not yet thought to find its speed because they have not found it yet (the exception is of theory of black hole).
  • 2. Philosophical answer: the speed of dark tends to infinity. Thats why we must not let dark take over. Because, once it will take over it will annihilate everything, life to death, love to hate, happiness to sorrows, Good to evil.
  • Since there is no such thing as darkness, only an absense of light, we must conclude that darkness has no speed as it doesn't exist. The speed something gets dark is not the speed darkness enters the area, but the speed at which light is exiting. It is the same as temperature. There is no such thing as cold...merely an absence of heat. If you feel cold, you aren't feeling cold enter your body, you are feeling heat leaving it.

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