• Not really my brother and I are not that affectionate. If I had a sister I would hug her but guys don't get that mushy typically. . .
  • No, I don't have any:( Isn't that sad?
  • I do hug my brothers and sister, especially since our Dad died.
  • Not really, until the death of our mother. Since then we all seem to appreciate each other that bit more, and are more open in showing it.
  • No we are not that affectionate and they would feel embarrassed if i hugged them, we would hug when it matters most e.g a family death.
  • Yes, I hug my siblings...and I make a point of saying "I love you" at the end of phone calls...mainly because our household growing up was not an affectionate hugs, no I love you's...the first time my mother said it to me was the day before she died...she could finally say it because she had turned to Jesus and the bitterness had finally dissipated. I make it a definite thing to tell my own family I love them...
  • My family isnt big on hugging but we all know how much we love each other.
  • Yes and Yes... cause he is my best friend and one of the most wonderful people I know. No one regrets giving too many hugs to the people they love and telling them how they feel. Not doing that is what people think about with regret when they can no longer do it.
  • yeah i do that, my lil brother. I do it cuz hes young & needs the love.
  • I'm sad to say that the answer is usually no (to the hugging part). Unfortunately, this wasn't a precedent my sister and I set when we were kids and it's really hard to change that as adults. She has difficulty expressing emotion. When I do tell her that I love her, she doesn't quite brush it aside, but I can tell it makes her uncomfortable. Funny though, when we're saying goodbye, my nieces will often say, "mommy, give auntie g a hug," and she does, a bit stiffly, but she does. Anything for those little cuties!
  • I always wanted to have an older brother. =( If i had, I would certainly hug him, at least once a day. As for the "I love you", I don't know... Of one thing, I am sure: if I had an older brother I wouldn't be so love/affection needing. =(
  • yes everytime i see my brother i tell him i love him and give him a hug. why is because i love him hes my brother.
  • no, it's just not physically possible as my bro and i are miles apart. i do have my closest mates who i consider as 'brothers', and we do hug each other, we even say "i love you heaps bro" to each other...and yep, we're all straight. one just got engaged last week. we're just really solid buddies.
  • i hug my brothers and tell them i love them. One lives in California so when i see him i make sure i tell him i love him everytime we talk and everytime we see eachother. My other brother and me, well, we don't see eye to eye but i still hug him when i see him and tell him i love him.
  • Yeah I always hug my big bro! I couldnt live without him he is friendly, mad, a party animal, kind, sweet many more but I never think twice about hugging him! Trust me he knows ! :)
  • Absolutely! I live 2,000 miles from my siblings and only get to see them once a year. Yes, I love them and miss them. I don't want to be at a funeral speaking words that they can't hear, I'm telling them NOW! With maturity comes the appreciation of your family. Keep on living.
  • Yeah, she's my sister. I dunno, it just comes natural.
  • No, I don't. I have a pride problem.
  • yes and yes - because of the love we feel for each other and the limited number of times each year we can get together, those visits include hugs at each visit.
  • I haven't seen him for 7 years, so I would if I get to see him. But I always hugged my brother!
  • Certainly yes many times over because I love them.
  • Yes, Every time, we say hello and goodbye. I love them.

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