• It sounds like there are a lot of unresolved issues from the first marriage. I assume that it wasn't an amicable divorce. Your daughter might have her own issues. Usually a teenage daughter will do the opposite of what her mother 'tells' her to do, so don't blame it on the ex.
  • bitter and unforgiving spring to mind. and SO wrong to poison a child's mind, really sorry for you and your family good luck, when your daughter is older she will realise how mean spirited your ex/her mother is.Things have a way of working out , it's called karma sometimes.
  • Well you are blaming your ex and it sounds like your ex is blaming you, don't you think perhaps your daughter is stuck in the middle of this? I can understand where she is coming from. Her dad has remarried and now has two sons. So not only is she trying to cope with her parents divorce, but now she has to share dads time with a new ready made family that she isn't a part of. Cut the poor girl some slack. If you continue to be a good dad to her and give her time not just with your new family but time alone with just you then in time she will move past how she is feeling.
  • im guessing there is a lot more to this story......maybe you have been rubbing your "young sexy wife" in your ex wifes face, and maybe your daughter is pissed about it (just a guess, there really woudnt be any other reason you specifically put that in your question excpet for to show that the new wife is better than the old wife) play cruel mind games...expect a reaction.
  • do yourselves all a favor and make an appointment to see a family counselor ... you guys need some serious help that's not going to happen from posting on some stupid website
  • Loads of 13 year olds 'hate' their parents!!! They grow out of it. And I am not that shocked that your ex wife doesnt like your new wife, she might still want to be with you, so she is hardly going to cosy up to your new wife!
  • No offense, but I wouldn't like my father's new wife if he got one, either. To me, it would mean that SHE HELPED DESTROY MY FAMILY! WHY SHOULD I LIKE HER? I may even also disown my dad if that happens. Thankfully, he's not like that.
  • Because she lives with her mother and probably has to listen to her mother constantly talk about what an asshole her Dad is. Like my Mum put me through.. It took me years to realise there was nothing wrong with my Dad and she was just Evil.

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