• I've never voted by party - I'm registered as an independent, and I always have been. I vote for the candidate I like best, regardless of party, and I study the issues and vote my own conscience.
  • After working for a living, and seeing the B.S. that the Republicans claimed versus what actually happens, I started voting for democrats more often.
  • I've always had a Libertarian leaning.
  • `I have always voted for one party ( Labor Party in Australia ) ... BUT there has been times when I didn't like what my own party was up to .. so I voted Independent, thats the good thing here in Australia you don't have to Reg for any party you only have to be on the Electoral roll
  • I was liberal and now I'm still liberal regarding social issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.) but have become a fiscal-conservative and I want smaller govt, less taxes. I'm an independent with libertarian leanings.
  • i pretty much still vote for the same party as when i first got registered. i will cross party lines when i think the better person is the other party. +5
  • I voted Dem when I was a pup but now I vote Rep because I see things differently than when I was younger.
  • embarrassingly, i usually get sick of whoever is in office, so i vote them out. there've been a few exceptions, but, usually its based on my disgust level with the administration at the time.
  • I was raised a Roosevelt/Kennedy democrat and that's how I began to vote. Like Ronald Reagan I found that I did not leaave the democrat party, it left me with the adaptation of an agenda that is just too far to the left for me.
  • Yes I was a liberal until I realized that they just steal from me.
  • I have never voted for a political party. I have voted for people I felt would be able to handle the job they were running for. People who would live up to their promises. People who had similar views to my own. I have been very disappointed over the years.
  • i vote for ideas and goals, not party affiliation ... and those have not changed in the last 20 years since i first voted
  • Once I get rich and stop caring about others other than myself I'll go Republican.
  • I have become more conservative as I have aged, and it is reflected in my voting pattern. Though I don't really care what party someone is with as long as their values and record in whatever positions they have held match up with mine, I find that Republicans get my votes more often over Democrats by an increasingly wide margin. I am registered as a Republican, but I really wish that the Libertarian Party was more viable, as I find myself being more of a fit with their ideals of self reliance and accountability.
  • I started dem with clinton, am now rep.
  • I vote for leaders not parties and the party that has been so badly disappointing for the last several decades is the Republicans so I am mostly Democratic my whole life.
  • never been allowed to vote am an imigrant
  • Always vote differently, and I will also vote differently depending on the kind of election (General, MEP, locals etc). Can vote for two different parties on one day.
  • I still vote the same - Lib-Dem (UK). I'm not rich enough to vote Tory and not poor enough to vote Labour.

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