• Yes, I sometimes do that, as I have no other way (My cable TV provider doesn't carry many of those) to do so. I've watched many sporting events using that method. (The absolute legality of some of such streams is another subject, btw) ; )
  • Just a few shows,but when I do,I hook up my PC to my TV.
  • No, I only have a tiny 22" LCD for my computer, which is way too small for watching shows.
  • We watch the former Ed. We're not into internet streaming but I know many are. Happy Wednesday to you! :)
  • Yes. Streaming or torrent.
  • I have a few times, but not very often.
    • Linda Joy
      Miss you! And Beaker.
  • No, I have never watched a movie on my computer.
  • yes! my boyfriend hooked his 42" tv to this computer and we often watch simpsons on or we download many movies and television series to keep us busy and we never have to get cable!
  • Sometimes yes, like with PBS. Now that I have Direct -TV, I have been recording -TiVoing more.
  • No, never. If I want to watch a movie I would rather go into the livingroom and be comfy.
  • yes, the show CHUCK. we have to wait so long for more CHUCK! why won't they get around to showing re-runs of CHUCK?! we're just not getting enough CHUCK.
    • Linda Joy
      I liked that show, too. Up until the last few episodes. I forgot about that one. I've seen a lot of good old movies online that remind me of days gone by. I don't watch tv except when I'm at my friends apartment and when I get my infusions I usually watch Friends. Laughter is the best medicine! And it doesn't make your hair fall out!! lol I think its good to have a positive attitude when taking chemo. Chuck was funny, too!
  • Never. Cant even get broadband where I am!
    • Linda Joy
      Never say Never... again! ;)
  • Yes, I watch many shows online. It's easier when you don't have a DVR.
  • Yeah sometimes i do, only because, i don't have a certain movie, and TV shows there is only couple that i watch on TV, if i miss those, i watch them online.
  • I watch documentaries from numerous sources....PBS, hulu, documentaries4u.....tons of places. I don't know what "streaming" is, though. +5
  • Not often. More likely, I'll download them in the background and then watch them later. For something like Star Trek fan shows, I'll then burn them to DVD and then watch them on my big screen rather than on the computer.
    • Linda Joy
      I liked Star Trek, too. But I've probably seen most of them. Its kinda funny to look back on old sci fi these days. Some of it is so old its laughable what was terrifying back then.
  • Yes, internet streaming has been my only source for movies/TV shows for about five years now. Since Hollyweird converted from an entertainment industry to a leftist propaganda factory, I don't watch much anymore. Once you filter out all the 'woke' crap, there is little left.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree. Other than the screens at the VA hospital and a friend's house I haven't watched a TV program since 2012 when I left the homeless shelter.
    • Franco333
      There are plenty of TV shows that can be found on the internet, but a dearth of any worth watching. Even if you find something worth watching in its season one, that is no guaranty any season thereafter will remain so.
  • Never once have I watched a movie or TV show on my computer. It would not be comfortable enough. My TV streams so I'll stick with that.
  • I watch full length movies on the internet. I try to find free public domain films
  • Wow! The infamous Ed! Jetpacking from bed. Back from the dead! Just wow, Ed! I watch the internet. Mostly NCIS reruns on Netflix or maybe Psych. I don't watch much, usually just when I'm eating. Sometimes something else on Netflix. But I also play Microsoft Solitaire. Sudoku, take notes and such on the computer with sticky notes, manage my callendar, socialize online, shop online, look at Aldi ads, youtube music and exercise videos, and I like the AFV videos and life hacks and gardening and all kinds of stuff now that I think about it. Answerbag is a gift from those that came before and asked questions that will be making people think hopefully for a while to come. RIP Ed!
  • nope dont bother doing that

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