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  • ----------------> IM SAY THIS FOR ALL OF THE GUYS OUT THERE we love to see more of them girls on our beches ,,;-]
  • Not quite the same thing, but I am a guy exhibitionist, and I have a couple of "swimsuits" I use on the beach. One is really a pair of black womens bikini panties. At a distance they look like a mans swimsuit, but they sure show a lot. I also wear a womans bikini bottom at times, which works well too, as all my equipment shows clearly
  • I like it, but I don't get to do it very often. My swimsuit for regular use (in public) is a tie-side string bikini with a triangle top, which shows the outline of my butt when wet. It's fully lined though, so there's no risk of getting complaints. I also have a light blue unlined one-piece swimsuit which shows everything, as well as a thong bikini. The latter two I wear only in the backyard pool, but so far no one except my boyfriend and our 3-year old son have seen that.
  • uh as a guy at the pool that your wife is at i say "sweet" but if it was my wife (i'm pretty liberal)what you could do is go shopping together and find a suit together.(oh and this would be the time to not say anything about the price)
  • I keep telling my wife, when it comes to swimwear "The smaller the better" - Most of the time she agrees.
  • when I was younger, I always ripped out the protective part that is always in a male swimsuit. Without it, it showes every detail of my toy :-). No I go to the beach without any swimsuit, I go naked... :-) (nudebeach)
  • Where does your wife wear this swimsuit? Just curious...:)

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