• Because they can?! ;-)
  • Job security for the people doing the detaining, interrogating and humiliating. That way they can issue lots of "suspicious person detained at airport" news reports and keep people afraid so they keep their job. The subsequent news report that "suspicious person was actually just a tourist" never hits the headlines.
  • Is it really a mystery as to why? Spelling it out feels almost dirty to me as an american, yet I don't think it has much of a chance coming out as a short simple explanation so my answer is, I havent' a clue.
  • Because we continued (though at a greatly accelerated pace after 9/11) down the path we'd been on for some time. Trading liberty for security, problem is whatever security we gain will be temporary and imaginary. Isn't it nice that the terrorists can't kill and maim you but the actors of the state can at best embarrass you and at worst do the same thing as the terrorists threaten? Considering that governments butcher more people than any bunch of random nutjobs (of which terrorists are a part), I think I'll take my chances with the terrorists. In any event, all it really is is security theatre, they provide a visible search of bags and confiscate grandma's water bottle so the government can claim its 'doing something' which keeps the sheeple calm.
  • Because they are jerks. UK is awful about this aswell.
  • Because the general public feels better if they think that they are being protected from the Terrorists. Unfortunately, the Terrorists are on to us, and they have already formulated new ways of infiltrating. The whole airport things is so last year!
  • maybe cause the airport dont think theyre so innocent

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