• If you are still living in their house, you aren't paying for everything. Move out, pay your own bills and groceries and prove to them that you are an adult. Even if it takes them a while to see the light, if you are out of their house they won't be around enough for it to bother you.
  • It sounds like you have a job so that is a good start. However if you are still living at home with mommy and daddy then unfortunately it's their way or the highway. If you want to truly be independent and respected as an adult get yourself a roommate or two or ten if you have to and move out on your own. This will not only show your parents you are grown up but it will be a great way of teaching you responsibility and maybe help you to mature a little as well
  • you are a little kid if your living with mommy and daddy
  • If you really pay for everything, you certainly have my respect.
  • Honestly, some parents never see their children as adults. It might take until you're married with kids, a morgage and a job you hate for them to see you as anything other than their child.
  • Sometimes there is no way to show your parents that you are an adult----many parents see their kids as kids all throughout their lives, and no matter what you do, you can never change their "mindset." It's better to just let them think what they think and treat you as they do. Only YOU know that you're an adult already, through your accomplishments, independence, thinking and behavior, etc. My parents are like that, and still think of me as a "kid", though I'm in my 30s and have my own home, job, and family! Lol.
  • Being a mother of an 18 year old and 21 year old I understand how you feel because my kids feel the same! All I can say is... getting upset, and or arguing will not help you. The way you handle things will though. When mom or dad starts getting into your business, and you do not like it,…do not get mad and fly off the handle, and or treat them with disrespect. (Even if you feel they are not giving you the respect you want) 1st. Getting upset and complaining is childish and not going to help you cause. 2nd. Respect is earned not just given freely. But respect is ultimately what you want. You want your parents to see you as an adult and respect you as one too… Then earn it. Next time your parent get into your business, (as an example) maybe just turn to them put on a smile and say…. “Thanks I know mom/dad’. Then a lil teasing laugh and say “I’m really not a kid anymore”. The laugh suggests that you think there concern is cute, and you love them and appreciate them, but do not need the help they are trying to push on you. Also you will be handling it respectfully and maturely. That is what's the most important. It will be your actions that convince them you’re an adult. Not demanding them to see it that way… If you do not let them see you as an adult on their own they won’t. Parents will never stop loving their kids, and kids will always be kids to them. Sometimes you do not gain the respect you want till they have to rely on you… Just remember respect is earned. And sometimes the tables have to turn.
  • Doesn't matter how much you show them. You'll always be their child. Just remember, they act that way because they love and care about you.
  • Well, if you pay your expenses and are responsible in other areas of your life, your parents should see that you are no longer a child. Sometimes though, parents just have a hard time making that transition and the child needs to live apart from his/her parents. If that's not in your immediate plans, I hope you and your parents can live together amicably as adults.
  • you are their child...and no matter how old you are, you always will be...dont stress on it too much.
  • If you really need to prove to them that you are no longer a child, try having an adult conversation with them. "Mom, did you know that when you say that, it makes me feel like you don't respect me?" "Dad, it's time to notice that I'm pulling my own weight now. Would you talk like that to (your adult friend)?" Communication is the best way to "explain" things.
  • How's the mortgage payment's been going? I know my electric bill is $300 a month i know that can be tough. I'm cynical because I have an 18 year old of my own. Having children I take care of is fine. However I don't need a roommate. People wanting to go in and out at all hours is not cool. I feel responsible for anyone living in my house and won't feel guilty for worrying about where people are going or what there doing. It's love for my family. That's probably how your parents feel. So I'd recommend moving out. It wouldn't cost anymore (will it?) and your roommates will treat you like a grownup.
  • Move out?
  • tell them how you feel. :P
  • move out of your parents house, then once your gone who gives a shit what they think
  • Move out. If you are living with your parents, you really arent paying for everything and will always be treated as a child, because you are their child.
  • the best way to show them that you are an adult is to have a full time job or own your own business which provides income sufficient to provide yourself with your own home (house/apartment), have your own car (one they did not buy you), pay for your own insurance (vehicle, homeowners/renters and health), pay for all of your own utilities and car repairs, buy everything you need to maintain your home and your life...and don't forget to buy them nice gifts for their birthdays, Christmas, Mother's and Father's Days and their anniversary....oh yeah, pay for your education and don't forget that contribution to your retirement. That should be real good start.
  • if you are 18, then you are considered an adult.....are you an only child??? maybe they just don't want to watch you get seems that you are pretty responsible being able to pay for everything, tho.....take care.....Brian....
  • move long as your under their roof your under their thumb...regardless of age. +2
  • It's hard to stop being a parent just because your 18.

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