• Yes I think so.....
  • According to Body Mass Index, you are obese.
  • No. You are fine. Don't worry about it. You are still growing. Eat right, excercise and don't stress about it. Above all don't go on any stupid so called diets.
  • Drop 50 at least.
  • Yes you are. Exercise by walking an hour a day. Start slowly. Watch what you eat. Do something physical you enjoy doing. Good luck!! + 5
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  • I work in a hospital. Work wiuth me as a volunteer one day a week. i guarantee you will run around so much you will lose weight. + 3
  • just eat healthier and drink lots and lots of water. if you walk at least a half hour extra aday and drink a minimum of a litre of water a day you should lose weight and keep it off it will be slow but i'm 17 and i used to weigh 215 lbs i currently weigh between 170 and 175 and i'm only 5'2.
  • Yes. Eat fruits and vegetables. Cut out junk/fast food and sodas. Try not to eat a lot of fried foods. Exercise if possible everyday(walking is good, but you should do it between 30mins to an hour). You will GRADUALLY lose weight.

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