• LOL! I wouldn't give you proof because you could steal my identaty! :D *+++++*
  • I'd say that you're not a natural human and ask for proof of that :)
  • I am no one that you would need proof from. I didn't run for anything and I have a birth certificate you can check, just like our President has. Did you know that McCain was not born in the US technically? The democrats saved his ass and qualified his being born outside the borders with an additional exemption.
  • I wouldn't be offended and I wouldn't be providing proof for you either.
  • I wouldn't be offended and I would give proof if you were in an authoratative position and it was required.
  • I wouldn't be offended but I wouldn't show you squat...
  • No, I would probably laugh at you.
  • I assume this question relates to the current situation of those challenging the birthplace of President Obama. This comes from the same old playbook that was used by the right wing lunatic fringe all during the Clinton years, which was to throw everything including the kitchen sink at him and see if they can get something to stick. It's like lawyers try to do at trial, just plant a little doubt in the jurors (voters) minds.
  • I would say no.
  • Define "natural citizen". Because the supreme court hasn't.
  • Why would I bother if the person who's asking me is going to call anything that I could possibly produce a forgery or evidence of a conspiracy? . I've got my birth certificate from Orleans Parish in Louisiana, but if somebody is determined to not believe it's real no matter what I do, then I could spend all my time engaging with them on that question and never accomplish anything I was elected to.... . Hey! I get it now.
  • i have a copy of my birth certificate but i would not show it to you to just prove a point. there would have to be a legal reason you needed to see it.
  • Assuming I was at home, I'd walk over to the cabinet and take out my birth certificate.
  • YES! I would be offended..And No,I would not just do it!Why should I ?
  • Why would I bother showing you the proof, it's not as if you would beieve it anyways. ;)
  • Sure, why not? It's not exactly a private document, they are public records. If I could not produce one I wouldn't fault you for questioning my reasons, and wondering what I have to hide.
  • I mean, if you're naturalized, aren't you a natural citizen? A citizen is intrinsically natural since naturalization is part of the process of being naturalized as a citizen. . You have all the right in the world to ask, though. . And I have all the right in the world to tell you to ram it up your ass. . America rules.

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