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  • Very very slim...
  • use protection. You can put it in for a second and get her pregnant very easily. the chances are slim but are possible
  • Your actions tell me your too young to be responsisble for a baby if you've got to ask. Just remember it takes one sperm to fertilize and egg and you produce millions per ejactulation. the odds are not in your favor.
  • you might get her pregnant if you do that but anyways you are WAY to young if you need to ask!
  • There is sperm in the fluid that comes out of your penis before ejaculation, and while your penis was dry when you put it in, some of that fluid could have come out while you were in there. Also, since you had no clothes on, it's possible some of that fluid and/or some of your semen went into her vagina while you were humping or shortly afterwards. There is no way to calculate the chance of semen having entered her vagina, let alone the chance of it having passed through her cervix and fertilized an egg which may or may not have been there--and then it still has to secure itself into the wall of her womb. All I can say is that the chances are higher than if you'd used a condom or kept your clothes on, and lower than if you'd ejaculated inside of her. My opinion is that if you are going to be engaging in this kind of activity, you should be prepared to raise a child, and not half-assed either. I am pro-choice politically, but morally I think abortion, and adoption for that matter, are not choices one should plan to make. And whenever you do something (like have sexual contact), you should ideally plan for the possible outcomes (like pregnancy). I know the ideal isn't reality, which is why I'm pro-choice (it's better the child wasn't born than raised in crappy conditions, and there's already enough children to adopt out there), but I still think abortion is regrettable.
  • First of all, next time, use protection...or don't have sex. Second of all, there is something called the morning after pill. If she takes this pill within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, it will greatly reduce the risk of pregnancy. You can get it at your local pharmacy and it is called Plan B. I think you have to be 18 to purchase it, but I am not sure, it might be 16.
  • lol stop making him paranoid... Course shes not goin 2 be pregnant lol
  • Some years ago I briefly dated a man more than 20 years older. He was failing with his wife, and needed his confidence back. He promised he wouldn't cum into me. We coupled, and true to his word, he remained absolutely still for quite some time. When he felt he might be tempted to move, he pulled out. I felt happy for him. Just thought I'd share this with you.
  • odds are 50/50.. either she is or she isn't
  • couple things... there is sperm that discharges without orgasim. Think its kind of a way to naturally lube things up a bit. The sperm in there are active and can cause pregnancy. Also, if were dry humping and ejaculated around her vagina sperm can still find its way in. So to answer your question is yes there is a chance. The only way to reduce your chances are to use birth control and the only way to guarantee that she wont get pregnant is to not do it all together... which isnt much fun.
  • Since your dick was so lacking she went out and fucked the black man across the street without a condom. There is a great chance that she is pregnant and/or has an STD. Good luck with life... you dumb douche bag!

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