• Because Kim Jong Il is a paranoid nut job who wants North Korea to have international attention and likes Daffy Duck cartoons while he lets the people of North Korea suffer.
  • I think Kimberly just wants to let everyone know that he has just as big a dick as any other world leader.
  • Seriously- he released them! WOW- what a relief. I honestly think he wanted the national plubicity, and to try to prove to the world that they're a legitimate threat (at least they think they are).+++
  • Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, I say.
  • It takes a master of public relations and strategy. Clinton is most gifted. To seriously think you can effect a person's decision by calling them on the phone shows your lack of understanding of political relations. Mr. Clinton's appearance shows effort, energy and sincerety which a phone call rarely, if ever accomplishes especially on a subject of such weight.
  • I know not too many people favor Bill, but he did make for one hell of a foreign ambassador.
  • That was likely Kim's entire purpose in keeping them to begin with. He wanted the US to send someone over so he can act self important and toot his own horn 'look what I made the imperialists do' or somesuch will likely be the bent of the propaganda fed to his people. More of the international dick measuring games the North is famous for.
  • He must be one smooth talker Seriously tho....He is childish so it makes a lot of sense....have you read up on the guy he's an effin' weirdo
  • Maybe he wanted to ask Bill about the cigar in person.
  • Birds of a feather...
  • Kim Jong Il wanted to be recognized as a powerful leader who can demand an important diplomat to see him in his country. He released a statement saying such in July. Just a power-play.
  • We all know that Kim is well known for his maturity, stability and well thought through decisions. Why, oh why, would you think he'd do this for propaganda purposses? (wink)
  • Yes, but he didn't. It takes what it takes to get a job done.

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