• That is one I haven't heard.
  • Are they? That's the first time I've heard that one.
  • I beg to differ!
  • It's one of those things were if you have one you don't have the other. It's just a generalization, but usually if someone is a genius, they don't have very good social skills. Just like a socially inept person wouldn't be as smart as the genius. You can't be perfect, everyone has a flaw. With a lot of people, some are good at math, and others are good english etc.
  • because they spend so much time with book learning that they rarely get outdoors to learn some street sense.
  • They are? I think this is a Hollywood/pop culture stereotype only! ;-)
  • I guess it's really about how you *define* "smart"! People can be extremely intelligent and smart in one area and be completely inept in another. Someone who is very smart at computers or quantum physics might not be so smart at making conversation. Someone else who is very smart at making friends might be not too smart at mathematics. Someone else might be smart at both! That being said, I guess you really are asking - "Why are nerds/geeks socially inept"! I guess there are two reasons - 1. Their interests differ from most other people. Since their interests differ, they can't make conversation. For example, I can't make conversation about sports so anyone into sports will find me boring. But I can hold a very satisfying conversation about music and movies and people can talk to me for hours about that. Just talk to a nerd about computers or physics or something and see what happens... 2. Lack of practice! Because of the above reason they talk to less people and don't get the feedback that is necessary to evolve and improve their conversation styles and listening skills etc. Things add up and they either get arrogant or self conscious over time and try to hide behind their own interests instead of improving the areas that need work (social skills etc).
  • I don't know...but I do fit that stereotype perfectly.
  • My boyfriend is like that. He's VERY smart but he says some of the most stupid things in a social situation because he doesn't know any better.
  • Because they spend more time reading and studying than they do drinking, stage diving, bar / pole dancing... It's not their fault. It's society's fault. Einstein once said "Highly developed spirits often encounter resistance from mediocre minds."
  • Well, there are all sorts of intelligent people and many of them are socially gifted. Just because one does not follow the leader and try and be popular with people who are less intelligent, does not make one socially inept. A high IQ can be found in many people whom you would never guess had one.
  • Because Hollywood has encouraged this stereotype of the socially awkward intelligent nerds vs the beautiful and popular but dim. What a stupid stereotype because it takes a certain amount of intelligence to be interesting, witty and funny.
  • That is something new. I don't know how you define the word smart in your dictionary.

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