• should be.
  • Absolutely not, that would be kidnapping in the eyes of the law. Even if she got divorced and had full custody she needs his approval to take him out of state, or anywhere without notifying him.
  • This is not an arrestable offense. This is not kidnapping. This is up to the civil courts. Why did the mother leave? Was the father abusive? Law enforcement officers in Texas will not make an arrest off of this because it is a civil matter.
  • You should be asking a lawyer.
  • ok i've been with my kids father for the past 5 years on and off and we have a 9 month old together he has hit me takes all my money i work for and i live with him but i want out of the relatiship but i'm scared of what he will do to me is it ok for me to take our child and move out of state?
  • i can't do that he is around me 24 7 and he gose to work he take my phone and house phone so i'll i'm left with is the computer... he checks my e-mail my phone calls and eveything when he comes home
  • If he has any parental rights you don't have the right to take that away from him. He has every right to know the wherabouts of his child that he has legal parenting right of.

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