• I would like to go to Tanzania, off the coast to the Comoros Islands where the islands are said to be absolutely gorgeous. It is not expensive to live there or to vacation there, but getting there might be a bit blow to your wallet if you don't have enough money. So, if money is not a problem, that would be the first place I would go :) +3
  • Australia and New Zealand.
  • Around the world with a private jet, yacht and drivers at my disposal. Luxury hotels and some cozy B & Bs. Lots of spa treatments. Fine food. And my entire family with me:)
  • Tour of the Oort Cloud
  • I'll take one of those zillion dollar yachts you live on and just take a permanent vacation world wide forever.
  • My dream vacation would be a tour of all the scenic parks and attractions in the Western U.S. I have never been farther west than Titusville, PA. I'd like to see Yosemite, Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Zion, the Painted Desert, etc.
  • I really really want to get a vacation in Paris and Austrila...have been to Paris already but it was on business....all I wouldnt mine go to Swedeen.
  • Lets see 1. Swimming with the Dolphins and maybe a Manatee 2. To the Galapagos Islands 3. Walk through the streets of Herculaneum 4. To see where my Grandfather & Grandmother were born in Europe. 5. China during their spring time.
  • A tour of the world aside... I would really like to travel around South Africa. Go to the major cities, and tourist spots, take a safari, hit Sun City, go in one of those shark cages, do some bunji jumping and sunbathing =)
  • Wherever I felt like going, with my own giant mansions in 76 different countries. A private Learjet and a fleet of choffered Maybachs. Lots of trips to foreign amusement parks, restaurants, and cultural sites. Trips to dozens of crash tests. I'd visit many abandoned towns, too. I'd have a main mansion of 200000 square feet somewhere in Virginia. It would be an interlinked vacation between the mansions, luxury hotels, and vacation spots for 30 years. And it would cost tens of millions of dollars.

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