• Yes, but I believe the thigns that surround education teach people to grow. Recess is great place to learn maturity.
  • I think that unfortunately it's becoming more about memorization for standardized tests than actually learning anything, which is a terrible impediment to growth both personally and intellectually.
  • Education gives a person growth, not only in intelligence and confidence, but being around people of all walks of life, enabling them to debate on many topics.
  • If it's all lecture and talk, students don't learn as much. Students getting involved with the lesson promotes more learning.
  • It depends on what kind of education you are talking about. To educate is to give instruction to someone, be that instruction intellectual, social, or moral. Education can certainly teach you how to grow. However, if you meant the current education SYSTEM, then I agree with you. Kids are being taught how to memorize things for exams, not how to be successful as people.
  • Nope. Education is only a part of the whole picture. Though education is very important, I don't consider education to be the only input on learning 'how to grow'. Growing is a holistic event. Everything about a person's live enables them to grow each day.
  • Education is just a *tool* what and how well something is learnt is done so by the learner!!

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