• When your poor you have no money and no income. When your broke, you've spent all of your money to pay the bills, go out to eat, buy someone a gift, etc... But you still have income to keep you going.
  • Poor is synonymous with poverty. You might have enough money to pay your bills but you live on a low level. Broke means you can't meet your financial obligations. You might even have enough non monetary resources to be considered wealthy.
  • TO me Being poor means not having enough money sustain a normal lifestyle, and being broke is what I am after I pay all the bills to sustain that lifestyle.
  • To me....being broke is a temporary thing. Being poor is a state of mind. We have no money, but we have our little family and we have all the necessities. Therefore, we are much richer than a lot of people. Considering the fact that I'm dilligently working to improve the $$ situation, I'd say we have a lot of wealth. :) Tomorrow we'll go swim at the lake, it's free, they have fun, and we're satisfied.
  • poor is just getting by. broke is no money coming in.
  • If you loose every possession you have, your job, house, everything in it, and every single dollar you have. You are broke........What you have left inside yourself or not........determines whether you are poor or not.
  • There are several meanings for both words in my opinion being poor means you have a low income being broke means you spent your money. Conversely I have a low income but I don't consider myself poor because I'm so blessed. I have a lot of love in my life and I have all my needs met. I'm happy!

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