• Yes, one very simple thing: He was elected President of the goddamn United States. Wouldn't be exactly possible if he wasn't born in the US, would it?
  • They are just being stubborn, because they didnt want him to be president.
  • Those who oppose him don't all necessarily believe that nonsense, fortunately.
  • How about a quick 2 X 4 to their logic centers? You know, where they sit down? :)
  • he was supposed to of been ADOPTED by his Indonesian ,stepfather.....his sister ,Maya, WAS BORN in Indonesia...but she also has a hawaiian b.c.....
  • No. Obama was born August 4, 1961. He is currently 48 years old as of August 2009
  • If you could reason with a fanatic, there wouldn't be any fanatics. They're just too full of hatred to see anything else.
  • thatsJustme answered your question for you. NO! Proof has a reverse effect on conspiracy theorists. The more proof you show them that they are being idiotic, the greater that proves the conspiracy is. So now it's all of the Hawaiian State Government. All the Democrats in the primaries and their entire campaign staffs had to be in on it. Otherwise, they would have blown the whistle and gotten him booted out of the primaries to make room for their candidate. The entire Supreme Court refused to even hear a legal challenge to his right to serve, so somehow Obama has corrupted even the Conservative bastions like Alito, Thomas and Chief Justice Roberts. They and their legal staffs are all in on it. Oh, and today, the US Congress voted on a resolution declaring that Obama is a Citizen of Hawaii. The vote was 378 to 0 in favor, so the entire House of Representatives is part of the conspiracy. This thing is huge. And the Defense Department is suing a soldier who said he wouldn't deploy to Afghanistan because Obama can't be Commander in Chief. So Republican Robert Gates and all the top military brass is in on the conspiracy too. I tell you, this is almost as big as all them thar aliens abducting us all the time. Who knows, maybe theys shape shifters and they done took over the bodies of dem congress peoples and stuff. This is BIG!
  • its the same ones who will stand up with hand on heart and say Bush was the greatest President and he did NOT do anything wrong and he NEVER let the U.S. fall into recession because he was inept... not much you can say about fools like this really
  • I believe that it's been well over a year that both The American Spectator and Bill O'Reilly confirmed that there was no story here, Obama is an American Citizen.
  • If in his first term he works with congress to repeal DADT I will shut up. If in his second term he takes action towards a repeal of DOMA. I wont carve his face on Mt. Rushmore because I’ll end up braking rocks in North Dakota. I will however go out to my back yard and find a tomato that looks like him call the Vatican and push for sainthood. Thus far he’s been a disappointment no matter where he took his first breath.
  • Extra IQ points. Alas and alack. an idiot has no tact.
  • Wonder if they will ever stop this junk? its been confirmed over and over.
  • if president obama was the "typical" looking president of the united states he would have a 100,000 bill made out for his unbelievable efforts to restore our economy , but truth said we'll never hault the racial civil war that is continually worsening our better halves
  • no because they're all idiots who will just ignore any hard evidence shown to them.
  • A time machine so that they could go back in time and watch Obama's mother giving birth.
  • People will believe what they want to believe. For such obsessions can become a religion for them; a belief that cannot be turned no matter how much proof you shove at them to challenge those beliefs. Even if those beliefs are proven false.
  • Some of them will never believe it. Their belief isn't based on fact; it's based on their need to believe that his presidency is not legitimate. If you haven't heard the background about the woman who made news by shouting down Republican Congressman Mike Castle recently, take a look:
  • It dont matter where he was born he just needs to slide under back that rock he came from all he spells is bad bad news

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