• Call child welfare services.
  • If she wants to go ahead if you are OK with it also. Maybe then you and she can when she is sober and can enjoy it more. There is nothing wrong about it and is good too. Mother-son incest represents 10 percent of the incidence and is 70 percent positive, 20 percent mixed, and 10 percent negative for the son. For the mother it is mostly positive. Farrell points out the boys don't seem to suffer, not even from the negative experience. The whole link:
  • Is your Mom hot? Are you that horny? Are you so ugly that your Mom has to get hammered to do you? Does your Mom fuck any of your siblings? Ah, what the hell, do it!
  • Why are you even asking? That is sick and wrong! Get out before the crazy bitch does it again!
  • please dio it with her she likes to dod with u/so only she is exposing her body to u go ahead to do
  • Really? You have to ask that? Uhmmm, no.

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