• Ha Ha! Yeah,mabe,then we could see for sure who toprotect the kids from.Same with serial rapists and Sociopaths.*+++++*
  • i vote yes to that
  • I wish. My own convicted pedophile father committed his atrocities before the sex offender registration laws, and he can live where he wants, do what he wants, no scarlet P to haunt him. It would make us too complacent. There will always be exceptions, pedophiles who don't get branded, those who are grandfathered or somehow outside the system.
  • Maybe, just bring back the public stocks and place them in so I can kick them and do other nasty stuff to them.
  • How would you undo a mistake that convicted an innocent person. Courts and juries do sometimes make mistakes and usually the only ones that are convicted are defendants that can't afford good laywers. - Our instincts are to protect and defend defenseless children. It is a measure of a civilized society. It is equally instinctive to presume guilt. That tendency is even stronger when the accused must prove a negative---that what he or she is accused of didn't happen---and the accuser is a physician with a stack of degrees or, equally potent, a child. These combinations have led to countless criminal convictions: parents, day care providers, teachers, neighbors---even when the charges cannot be supported by objective scientific evidence, or when there was no physical evidence at all to support the claims. Courts are having second looks at many of these cases, acknowledging that we've convicted innocent people, destroyed families and ruined childhoods. A second look at the processes that led to these miscarriages of justice is essential, because unless we learn from our mistakes, we will continue to repeat them. *******************************************
  • I think we should get some children to rape pedophiles to teach them a lesson
  • No. Innocent people are convicted of crimes frequently. What happens if we convict an innocent man of pedophilia? Is anything worth condemning innocent men to a life of vigilante abuse?
  • No. Everyone is so bent on punishing people for a mental deficiency, it is disgusting. Why make up ways to torment people who have a sickness they can't control? The best plan would be to find a way to control their problem, with medication or surgery, and turn them into compliant, useful citizens. Where is your sense of compassion? Do you think they want to be the kind of monster they are? I don't.
  • I think we should put them on an isolated island with everything but internet access and a way back to the outside world. Of course they would have to have police and doctors but that will be it. Police the only ones with firearms and doctors the only ones with drugs and medical gear. No-one under the age of 18 unless they are paedophiles. A helicopter to keep a birds eye on things.
  • I do belive that there should be some kind of public marking, not branding but something visual... The problem is as many people have said "What if theyre not guilty". I think what we need is a Lie detection thing that is 100% and cant be tricked by taking facial relaxents and other tricks of the trade. Once there is something that is totally 100% I do think punishment for crimes should be re evaluated, and in some cases like child rape and killing the Death penalty should come back. Did you know in America Madeleine McCann is STILL missing- presumably snatched by a pedo on Holiday (no body ever found), shes been missing for over 2 years, Would she be missing now if her capturers had a noticable brand (obv theyd already have commited some offence) but you take my point.
  • But then, all the Rabbi's would have P's written all over their faces. That would be Antisemitism!
  • I would love to see that happen but of course that is not civilized. I think they should all be locked away and put on drugs that take away all sexual urges and never be alowd in society un attended!

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