• Ideally, shouldn't it be a 'no secrets' kinda deal? ;-)
  • i think he has a right to know that of a woman he intends to marry....
  • It would serve no purpose unless she was planning or expecting to have more.
  • Nor does he need to tell her that he was previously married and has 2 kids living out of state that he can't see. His past is none of her business.
  • she doesnt need too unless she feels guilty not sharing that info
  • why?? a woman does not have to announce something like that.... maybe later in the marriage or maybe even never.
  • No, and "he" doesn't need to mention his sex reassignment surgery. It's in the past.
  • I'd say if you are gonna tell him then yeah it's better to tell him before getting married...but I think we all have some things we keep to ourselves and if you would decide not to tell him, that's fine too I think but if you decide to go that route, stick to it, don't wait till 7 months into a marriage and tell him.
  • I think if the relationship is built on trust as it should be then this probably wouldn't have been kept a secret past the wedding vows. If I found out after marriage something important like this, for instance from someone else, I'd probably feel a little hurt that she did not share the info with me. But each relationship is different and it is for each couple to decide how much space in regards to the past they need to give each other.
  • Oh and did I say after 10 years he won't give a rat's A-- anyway as long as you treat him like a king, He'll be your Dad and tell you where you can and can not go. You work hard at your job, come home , feed him, feed him the duty, and you might find time to shave your own legs, but don't do that cause he'll acuse you of having a boyfriend. laugh now, cry later.
  • Its all up to you, if you feel comfortable sharing that with your s/o then do it but if you dont then that is your choice. That is a personal choice you made and it should only be told to some one if you feel it is neccessary.
  • You can if you want bc if you think it would change the engagement then its a problem. Also later if your trying to have a baby it's bound to come up. I suggest getting it off your chest now.
  • The only time you would need to tell a future boyfriend that is if it has affected your fertility. It's the past and unless you want to tell him, you shouldn't be made to feel like you have to.
  • Yes. This is so that the guy has fair warning that he's getting involved with a slimeball,murderer who sees babys as property. Id want to know this so that i could dump her asap and find some one who doesnt love abortions, and actually takes responsibility for their actions as opposed to murdering a child.
  • You mean like this: "Will you marry me?" "Well, there's one thing you should know about me first, you may hate me and change your mind." "What could that be, sugar dumpling?" "I had tubes put in my ears." ??? It's a medical procedure. It happened before the boyfriend was around. What medical procedure you may have had before you two met is not relevant UNLESS not being able to bear children for him is a deal-breaker.
  • yea. dont get anymore abortions. theyre wrong and it kills life.
  • Should I not tell her that I have 3 ex-wives who just happened to die mysteriously? If everything's a secret how do you know who this person really is?
  • I would ask directly. She would have to lie to me.
  • Yes. He should know she might off his kid if she thinks it's a bad time to have a baby.
  • It's none of his business.
  • Not unless he is an easily offended strict Catholic anti-abortionists/activist.
  • ...yeah... I think it is VERY important. If its not "bad" why hide it?...Just tell the dude it will let him know your character.

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