• Whatever the hell they wanted me to! I'm not dying for a fuzzy tic tac,$1.75 in change, and a maxed out credit card.
  • If they were close enough, I'd take the gun away from them, then USE it on them, until it was empty. +5
  • I would start throwing change at them and run around with my pants down. Really, I don't carry much money on me that is the key. Wear crap for everything and carry a limit of $20 and a debit card that has a certain amount in it so you know how much you are losing.
  • Its happened to me. A gun to the back of my head I gave them my wallet I told them they didn't need my ID they emptied my wallet and left I wasn't scared but I didn't want to be shot either.
  • Happened to me before, when I was 15! I gave them what I had, less than $20, and did what they said, turned around and walked away. It was pretty dark, and hard to tell if the gun were real or not, but I wasn't going to take any chances, not over 20 bucks at least.
  • Give it to them. They obviously need it more than I do at that moment. Besides it is not worth risking your life over material items that can be replaced.
  • Use the training my dad taught me to disarm them and call the cops. It's not about the money once the gun comes out, it's about preserving decency and law.
  • Anyone who says they would do something other than give the money over has a Charles Bronsen complex.
  • Give it to them.
  • Laugh and say - "what money?".
  • been there done that while working at a gas station. i put my hands up and opened the registers. It wasn't worth my life. We did all lose our Christmas bonuses though. But the stupid owner told us to leave all the money for the day in the register. We did money grams too, so they got away with close to 8 grand.
  • Well, if somebody else was with me...I would just give them the money so nobody gets hurt...but if it was more severe than that and somebody was gonna get hurt either way... disarm them, take their effin weapon and then point it back at them...and wait for the cops to show up.
  • That happened to me twice when I 16. I was working in a bakery and the same guy robbed us twice! I just opened the register and gave him the money.
  • They better hope their gun is bigger than mine, I am always carrying.
  • give it to them. I would never argue with them, my life is worth so much more than the 20 bucks in my purse.
  • I'd give them my money and I go steal someone elses and give it to them too.
  • I gave them what they wanted.
  • They would be sh*t out of luck and I guess me too.
  • I would give them everything I had
  • I haven't carried cash on me in years, so I wouldn't have a thing to give him. If I were alone, I'd probably break down into tears. If my kids were with me, I'd probably go mother bear on him.
  • I'd give him the money I have on me, then wish him good luck in his life. 'Cause he'll need it with that kind of lifestyle.
  • Jack Benny played a character who was a notorious cheapskate. When asked by a robber: "Your money or your life", Jack got huge laughs with silence. The robber asked again: "what's it gunna be pal, your money or your life". Jack: "I'm thinking"
  • They can have it. I like myself.
  • I had this happen, in real life. I was working at a 7-11 and two punks came in, with a revolver that had one bullet, and put it in my face. My hands went up like a pair of helium balloons! My mind and adrenaline started racing! Everything you think you might do in that situation, goes out the window! I used to think macho stuff like take the gun away from them. But I could not move and there were two of them!
  • Honestly, I would go into my pocket with one hand to grab some money, then at the right time, when the mugger is paying the least attention, I would quickly grab the gun from the side and wrestle it away from him. Then I would point the gun at him, and tell him, "how does it feel? These are the last moments of your life. Now who's the bad ass?" I'd pretend to be about to shoot him in the head, then step back and walk away with his gun.
  • probably give them the money and then tell the police about it
  • give them the money, i dont want to get shot, and also talk to the police about it later
    • Abha
      pearllederman i agree, nice decision
  • If he/she will let me go after giving the money, then i will give away all the amounts they will ask for. I could have my money back, but not my life.

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