• "Drivers are being ticketed for not turning headlights on in the portion of Highway 67 between Ramona and Lakeside designated a "Daylight Headlight Section." Because the "Daylight Headlight Section" sign is black and white, it is mandatory, California Highway Patrol Officer Brian Pennings said. Black and yellow signs are advisory, he added. Drivers have reported receiving fines of $200 for not having the headlights of their vehicles on in the designated area, so all are advised to turn headlights on during the day in the area along Highway 67 just south of Ramona Town Center and just north of Lakeside. According to the San Diego Superior Court, the violation is "general failure to obey signs" and it calls for a fine of $203. The daylight headlight regulation is part of the Safety Corridor CHP announced in late March. The 25-mile segment of the highway is a high-collision area where, CHP reports, 11 people died and 65 were injured in DUI-related crashes from 2005-07." Source and further information: Further information: "If the State really wanted people to turn their headlights on they would print "You Will Be Fined", instead they rely on citizens lack of knowledge that the "Daylight Headlight Section" sign, being black and white, is mandatory and the California Highway Patrol racks up their ticket quota."
  • They are stretches of roads that have a high collision rate and they are trying to lower the accident level by using head light, lights on signs, more patrols and so on and so forth. Anyway if the sign is white with black writing you have to have your headlights on, if it is yellow with black letters it’s highly suggested that you turn your lights on. Basically, just turn your lights on and slow down when you see one of these signs.

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