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  • Don't try. Just give him time to work through the grief, be there in case he needs you, and he will come out of it on his own. It just takes time. He may need alone time. Let him have it. He will love you for it.
  • Haven't you ever lost someone? There's nothing anyone else can do except hold your hand and listen. Let them have tears if necessary as it honors the person who passed. I still have tears every day and it's been over six months. There's absolutely nothing anyone else can do. Believe me.
  • Men tend to go into a cave & wont be coaxed out until their ready. Give him room & understand his mood swings. Simply let him know you love him & will be nearby if he needs you. Thats all. He will have to do the rest. A good prayer for him would probably do you & him wonders.
  • Just be there for him...Just listen when he talks...When he gets emotional(teary), give him a good hug!
  • you can't, just be there for him if he needs to talk and comfort him when he needs it.

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