• That wouldn't be a bad idea, at all. +5
  • Yes, along with those Viagara commercials. There's nothing like watching a show with your kids and all of a sudden you here Viva Viagara! They (meaning the kids)turn to you with innocent eyes wanting to know what that is...
  • No. Alcohol consumption is a personal choice and the advertising of it should not be banned at all. It would make it much more difficult for alcohol companies to stay competitive if they werent allowed tro advertise, plus it would make the TV alot more boring. No hot chicks, no drinking contests...etc. So no i dont think it should be banned. If it were up to me alcohol comsumption wouldnt even be regulated.
  • yes cause kids see that and then they think its ok when its not. +3
  • this question is making me think a lot, i want to say no, but since cigs are banned why not alcohol, is only fair.
  • Why not? We pretended that smoking wasn't real when we took it off of TV. We pretended that swearing and sex weren't real either. And you can see how good it worked! Let's pretend that alcohol isn't a big part of society and that it will go away. . Why should we even bother? Remember prohibition? And the old adage that "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? Limit something in any fashion and you have just made it intriguing and sought after.
  • I think it should because they stopped advertising cigarettes for children health and alcohol should too. +4
  • You mean it hasn't been banned in Australia. They banned it here in India some 40 years back. Nothing they could do about surrogate advertising, though.

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