• The pills I get from India come in the little blister packs with the aluminum foil backing. The name is usually on that foil backing and sometimes hard to make out. Are you sure they aren't labeled?
  • they are in a clear container. has label they taped on it, from manufacturer "salzarex"....and it seems completely legit, except that the capsules are yellow and green thats it..nothing on them at all. i looked around on the web and it said that they are made in mexico or bangkok
  • I don't know, but I'm not sure they are. I looked up all yellow & green capsules on, and this is what I got: No tramadol. Also, the manufacturer Salzarex--doesn't even own their own website anymore. I can't find anything to validate their existence except similar question to yours online at various Q&A sites and help boards, and a couple places selling drugs mentioning the company, all linking to a website which doesn't exist. It's not a known manufacturer. There's something very shady in this, and possibly quite unsafe
  • I received my shipment within 10 days and everything was marked and labeled. Yes India were the postage stamps and meds are fine and work. does have a working website. I am satisfied with my product and overall process.
  • I beleive they are the right pills. Different companies use different coclored capsules.

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