• Schroedinger's vampires - Love it.
  • The only major difference I see is the number of people that agree with you.
  • At the risk of getting trolled, I would say that it would be similar but not exactly the same. Vampires exist on a smaller scale than divine beings and therefore are much easier to prove/disprove their existence whereas the concept of a higher power is much more difficult to validate or refute.
  • Have you ever checked out those little red marks on your neck?????
  • Yes. But then do you have a Vampiric Plan of Salvation?
  • Precisely.
  • Exactly the same, it is a belief.
  • No. There is more evidence for God than vampires. The evidence for God and Christianity is more overwhelming too. Facts about and that support the existence of God: - The universe had a beginning. - Human beings are the highest form of creation. - Nothing has ever come from something. Life cannot spontaneously combust. - There are moral absolutes. Torturing a 3 year old girl would be deemed wrong by 99.9% of people alive on the planet today. - Jesus Christ lived about 2000 years ago and had a profound impact on the world. So much so that all of time is split between his birth (BC and AD). - Jesus Christ taught the highest moral standard ever to people and lived a sinless life. - The Bible is the best selling, most copied, and controversial book of all time. - No credible archeological find or source of history has refuted any claim in the Bible. - The Bible was written by 40 different authors in 3 different countries over 1500 years but presents 1 coherent message about God and Jesus Christ. - Early Christians were tortured and killed for there beliefs. Why die for a lie? Especially if you were there to verify it? Facts about vampires: - They are featured in alot of movies. - There is a place called Transylvania. I would even argue that the existence of vampires proves the existence of Christ. Why do they run from crosses? Why does holy water burn them like acid? I'll believe in Christianity. Jesus is Lord.
  • It is the same, except I am a vampire and I can prove to you that I exist.
  • depends on what you think vampires are really, their have been points in the past were the events of vampires seemed more logical then anything else, but one belief rains more supreme then the other
  • Yes, it is a faith or belief. Though vampires can bite and prove themselves, unless you believe them to be the vampires of movies and fictional readings.
  • I don't think it'd be the exact same, but VERY similiar.
  • I believe so.
  • No. There is a huge body of information about Christianity, whereas vampires appear only in legend or fiction.
  • +5 Sorry my friend but God is not a myth,legend or some part of a 1950s horror film. God is the Creator of all things. He is the Alpha and Omenga. He is.
  • Sure! I mean, there are books about vampires, people claim to have had vampyric experiences, there are people who claim to be vampires, and people who honestly believe in them... So I would say belief in vampires is equally as valid as a belief in a specific god. You've got all the same 'evidence' they have, so why not?
  • kind of. Odds of proving either one exist are about the same.
  • Are you seeking vampires or are you seeking God? Make your choice and put your faith there.
  • Of course they exist. Vampire bats! Since I believe God created them, I'm okay. Actually, in medieval Europe, Romania, King Vladimir believed he was a vampire, so he acted like one. I don't think historical data needs to conflict with someone's Faith.
  • Faith is something that you believe with strong conviction. If you have faith there are vampires just like I have faith that God exists, then it appears we both believe something with strong convictions.
  • Yes lol. Gr8 question. Both are beliefs based only on a longline ancient documentation trail. Each still has followers today, though one is considerably larger than the other. There is no proving either one because both may posiibly be belief or myth or fabricated interpretation. :D ++
  • Yes, pretty much the same. Belief in gods, ghosts, goblins, and gremlins, what's the difference? Witches, werewolves, vampires, hounds of the Baskervilles. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Smokey Bear. People who allow themselves to believe in one imaginary creature are equally susceptible to believing in the others. They're all a big yawn.  
  • You both have the same amount of evidence.
  • I think so, yes! They're both beliefs, neither is 'proved' and both rely on ones faith. I see no difference. Just maybe the amount of people agreeing with you.
  • Pretty much the same

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