• We do not anymore, have you seen the big boys of the industry going down lately mate?
  • There are many answers to this. For one, not everyone drives the speed limit. I like my car because it handles corners well, which is handy because the road I take to work is through a canyon, many twists and turns. Even though Americans complain about gas prices, they're a fraction of what they are in many other countries, so we can afford larger vehicles. Many Americans drive SUV's, which are designed for carrying a lot of stuff (or people), not speed.
  • Most of those big cars just rush in order to stop at the next traffic light, over and over again.
  • Perhaps we're compensating for something?
  • If you notice, almost everyone goes way over the limit. Speed limits were set like 40 years ago when cars were not that advanced and didn't have that much acceleration. So today ofcourse the limit is low even for a car like Mitsubishi mirage. You also need more powerful engine if you're towing or have lot of cargo and load. In general there's no downside of having a big engine even if that much power isn't needed.
  • As you obversely don't drive you will never work it out. You're are foolishly generalising about a subject you know nothing about.
  • Many Americans believe bigger is better (due to), plenty of space and wide roads in the US.
  • You must be from Poland or Germany. The maximum speed limit in the US is comparable to all other European countries with the exception of the two aforementioned countries.
  • it's a status symbol. only rich people drive big gas guzzlers because they can afford to. why have money and not flaunt it? the majority of people drive mid size cars.
  • Because their small dicks and massive egos just need all that waste and material to hide behind. Same thing with their guns. The bigger their gun and car - the more insecure and fragile their ego.
  • It's a status symbol.

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